BedGuard Peace-of-Mind Mattresses

» Perfect for toilet training
» Repels liquid, stains and odours
» Quickly and easily clean up 'accidents'
» Anti bacterial for complete peace of mind
» Reduce laundry, no more mattress protectors!

BedGuard Waterproof Mattresses for All Ages

» Quick and easy clean up
» Discreet protection to maintain dignity
» Unrivalled peace of mind
» Improved sleep on a comfortable mattress


BedGuard's Range of Quality Waterproof Mattresses Offer Mattress Protection For The Whole Family

Toilet training & bed wetting

Offering affordability and the best mattress protection from urine, spills and stains available, Bedguard mattresses are an all-in-one solution with the waterproof mattress protector bonded to the mattress.

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Special Needs

Kids with special needs commonly experience bed time and sleep as something hard, with difficulty falling asleep, difficulty staying asleep or respiratory issues while sleeping. BedGuard mattresses offer a real solution.

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Aged Care | Seniors

For seniors, a good night’s sleep is especially important as it, allows your body to repair any cell damage, and refreshes your immune system, which helps to prevent disease. BedGuard offers unrivalled peace of mind and dignity to all.

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What our customers have to say...

My little miss 2 (almost 3) was super excited to receive the new mattress for her new big girl bed. The Bedguard service was absolutely spot on. The mattress itself was comfortable, light (I was able to lift it and move it myself - an important quality for a single mum). Miss 2 decided to share her cup of milk with her baby doll who was lying on her bed. Upon discovering milk everywhere I whipped off the sheet and mopped the milk with tissues (no paper towel handy). As promised the mattress repelled the liquid and it left no sour milk smell. I have nothing but praise for my experience of this product and company.

  • sarlouise73, posted on Kidspot's MumsSayTeam

Miss 4 and I were so excited to receive the BedGuard mattress for Mr (almost!) 2's new big boy bed!! It has been super for him, as he has a bottle in bed at night and it always seems to spill out and leak into the mattress. It is so easy to clean the mattress up and put a new sheet on! This mattress will most definitely make bed time toilet training much less difficult and time consuming. The service I received from BedGuard was fantastic! I was contacted via email immediately with a date that the mattress would be delivered.

  • Rachahill on Kidspot's MumsSayTeam

Toilet training. It’s a stage that can bring excitement and apprehension, pride and frustration – and up until recently a lot of sleepless nights. While my dear Cheeky Monkey is wonderful during the day, being a deep sleeper, it's easy for him to have little accidents - and not so little accidents through the night. With this being somewhat of a regular occurrence lately, you can imagine my relief when I heard about BedGuard mattresses and their unique protection system. To this sleep deprived mother stuck smack bang in the middle of the toddler toilet training years it sounded perfect, though I have to admit I did wonder if it was a little too good to be true. But the first night Cheeky Monkey tried it the mattress stayed dry during an accident.   I was honestly amazed.  With no more frantic mattress cleaning in the middle of the night and no more sleeping on a tiny amount of bed with a restless toddler, I can highly recommend BedGuard.

  • Amanda Jesnoewski, Mummypreneur

Just a brilliant product!!!  I love it so much I have just purchased a king single mattress for my teenage son.

  • Kez - Ringwood North

Our facility purchased Bedguard mattresses earlier this year and we couldn't be more impressed by the product.

  • Denise - Melbourne

Bed guard provides high standard mattresses for minimal cost.

  • Jackie Gravatt, Manager MacKillop Disability Services (Metro) MacKillop Family Services, Footscray, VIC

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