About BedGuard

Pioneering the use of new materials and construction, our vision was to bring a better quality mattress to the market...

BedGuard was developed in Victoria Australia in 2009. It's a family owned operated company and wholly Australian made. We first treated existing mattresses on site and have now grown into a 2 treatment process mattresses supplier.

Our fabric is loomed in Victoria as the highest standard Damask weave. Warp and weft threads are loomed to create the longest wearing low maintenance Damask fabric available.

After weaving; Health Guard™ is applied which is an Anti-dust mite, anti-bacterial treatment. Next Flame Retardant is applied and cured (Heat bonded) to the fabric.

The fabric then is despatched to our quilting facility to be stitched to 24mm comfort density Dunlop Foam Layer (double industry standard) in a tight small/large pattern with small needle setting. This exceeds Industry standards (12mm foam and wide needle pattern)

Quilting is then despatched to our BedGuard application facility. BedGuard is applied to the quilting cured in our oven (Heated to 100 plus Celsius) bonding and encapsulating the quilting including the needle point entry.

The finished quilting is transferred to the inner spring facility to have springs inserted including the 4mm heavy duty edge wire and edge clips to resist collapse of the boarder construction inside the mattress.

The finished product is a BedGuard mattress which is: Anti-Dust Mite, Anti-bacterial, bed bug resistant, flame retardant, odour, liquid and stain repellant.

Our strategy is to offer our unique mattresses to the public for your loved ones to enjoy the Peace of mind mattresses.

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