As the mother of a (nearly) 4 year old and a 2 year old who have recently started sharing a room (due to the impending birth of our third), night time accidents have been a nightmare of stripping the bed, stripping and changing the child, mopping up the mattress, trying to dry it, locating new bedclothes, waking the 2-year-old, trying to get her back to sleep… and eventually dragging one child (or both) into bed with us. It’s a two person job lasting up to 20 minutes and leaving the whole family a little worse for wear in the morning. Being heavily pregnant, this has not been an ideal situation.

With the new BedGuard mattress, this process is a LOT quicker. I actually can’t believe how easy it is to clean the mattress and have it dry enough to sleep on again straight away. Miss (nearly) 4 is dry and changed, then it’s a quick job of whipping off the bedclothes, mopping up any excess liquid with a paper towel and tossing on a new sheet. So far, it’s been so easy, we haven’t even had to have either child in bed with us until after 7am. BLISS!

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