BedGuard Australian Made Waterproof Mattresses

Australian standards are some of the best in the world, which is why when creating BedGuard we wanted to ensure to keep all parts of our business and manufacturing process onshore. BedGuard are honoured to be the designers and manufacturers of high quality, Australian made mattresses that not only boast comfortability but are also waterproof and repel bed bugs. 

BedGuard started as a family run business in Melbourne, Australia, and we’re proud that our waterproof mattresses are still wholly Australian-made. With expansion over time, we now have a unique range of waterproof and incontinence mattresses suitable for every size and age. Even with this expansion, we still manufacture all our products in Australia.

Every part of the BedGuard production process is Australian made. The loaming, Healthguard and BedGuard treatments, bonding and curing, stitching and quilting and installation of the springs and clips all take place on Australian shores.

Plus, with sales and delivery in Perth, Hobart, Brisbane, Melbourne, the ACT, Sydney and all across Australia, we cater to the needs of all types of families and individuals with top customer service and great products - making the best quality waterproof bedding available in Australia very affordable.

BedGuard delivers quality mattresses

When you’re looking to buy an Australian made mattress, have peace of mind with BedGuard. BedGuard's high quality mattresses are not only fully waterproof, anti-dust mite, anti-bacterial and flame retardant, - they're designed to be comfortable and long-lasting. We believe that Australian’s deserve real value for money.

All our products are Australian owned, designed, patented, manufactured, distributed, sold and delivered in Australia by an Australian family owned and operated company. 

Invest in Australian Made Quality

If there’s going to be one place where we spend the most time in one spot, it will be the bed. Your bed and mattress should be something that you really look forward to using - there's nothing better than finally hitting the sack on your comfy mattress at the end of the day. When purchasing your mattress, you will want to be assured that it will be able to sustain nightly use for multiple years. This is why it is important to invest in an Australian made mattress that promises quality, comfort, and longevity. BedGuard's fully protected high quality waterproof mattresses are designed to last, giving you reliable, full mattress protection and real peace-of-mind.

Why is BedGuard the best mattress?

Our mattresses have been designed to be low maintenance and long lasting without the hassle of laying out a separate mattress protector. BedGuard mattresses have been specially treated in the manufacturing process to offer an added layer of protection against spills and solids that may stain or damage your mattress, making it the perfect solution for bedwetters or those that struggle with incontinence. The mattress design and treatment means that liquids will not be able to penetrate the surface layer of the mattress, which means no more stains and bad smells. In the event of something spilling or an accident occurring on the mattress, all the bed owner needs to do is simply clean up any mess with a paper towel so the bed can return to being clean, fresh and dry for your next sleep.


In most mattresses, if a spill has occurred then the mass will be absorbed by the fibres and set itself deep into the mattress even if the stain is removed. This can create a breeding ground for bacteria and promote bed bugs. The great benefit about choosing a BedGuard mattress over any other mattress is that its design prevents any spills from being absorbed making BedGuard mattresses a much cleaner and healthier option.