BedGuard Australian Made Waterproof Mattresses

BedGuard mattresses are proudly Australian made. Australian standards are some of the best in the world and Bedguard mattresses meet these standards above and beyond. With proud beginnings in Melbourne, Victoria, Bedguard waterproof mattresses are still wholly Australian-made. Our unique range of waterproof mattresses and incontinence mattresses for every size and age and are all completely manufactured onsite in Australia.

Every part of the BedGuard production process is Australian made; the loaming, Healthguard and BedGuard treatments, bonding and curing, stitching and quilting and installation of the springs and clips. Plus, with sales and delivery in Perth, Hobart, Brisbane, Melbourne, the ACT, Sydney and all across Australia, we cater to the needs of all types of families and individuals with top customer service and great product - making the best quality waterproof bedding available in Australia very affordable.

Australians Want Quality. Bedguard Deliver

Bedguard's Australian made high quality mattresses are not only fully waterproof, anti-dust mite, anti-bacterial and flame retardant, - they're long-life and comfortable. Real value for money AND completely Australian designed and manufactured, dedicated to Australian conditions and needs. The Australian-made label has been open to some debate of recent times but when a product is owned, designed, patented, manufactured, distributed, sold and delivered in Australia by an Australian family owned and operated company. BedGuard is undoubtedly wholly Australian.


Invest In Australian Made Quality

The products we rely on everyday form the basis of our level of comfort in the Australian way of life - namely, our house, car, fridge, toaster and bed. Your bed and mattress is probably the one product that you really look forward to using - there's nothing much better than finally hitting the sack on your comfy mattress at the end of the day. But night after night, year after year, you need a quality mattress. Bedguard's fully protected high quality waterproof mattresses are designed to last, giving you reliable, full mattress protection and real peace-of-mind.