BedGuard rated “Excellent” by CSIRO

At BedGuard, we pride ourselves on designing, manufacturing and delivering quality products to our customers. This has been recognised by CSIRO with an “excellent” rating.

Our Founder and CEO, Peter Carey, invented the BedGuard Treatment when used with the proprietary Healthguard after recognising a clear need to improve mattress health. Mattresses are often exposed to a variety of allergens, contaminants and pollutants through everyday use. This is multiplied in cases where the occupier is young or elderly and vulnerable to bed wetting or incontinence issues, but also for people with disabilities, recovering from substance abuse or other health issues such as obesity.

The BedGuard waterproof mattresses are constantly put to the test in a range of environments from shelters to nursing homes, bariatric patients to the everyday family home. Adding to a steady stream of positive customer feedback confirming the quality of mattresses, CSIRO also gave BedGuard an official stamp of approval.

Excellent resistance to water penetration of surface.

Surface supports Water Solution No 6 (60% Water / 40% Isopropanol)

What does this mean? Quite simply it means that the BedGuard mattress does what it’s meant to! The BedGuard Treatment provides a barrier to liquids, providing quality waterproof mattresses, doona and pillow covers.

To see the full report from CSIRO, click here.


BedGuard Waterproof Mattresses

All BedGuard Waterproof Mattresses are covered by our 5 year guarantee.

Check out more technical information here, and don’t forget that all our products are proudly Australian Made.


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