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Bonnell Springs, a Mattress destination

Bonnell Springs. Sounds like a holiday destination, or somewhere nice to live. Well, that’s actually accurate if you take a trip to the inside of your mattress.

Now, you may not really be going on a holiday today. But if you lie down on your BedGuard mattress, and relish in its luxurious comfort, listen to the story of what’s inside, and imagine a wonderful unseen world. There’s a magical destination in there, right inside your mattress. And its name is, Bonnell Springs.

Bedguard’s bonnell springs

A classic round trip holiday on springs

Bonnell springs are the spring ‘coils’ in your mattress. There are other types of coils used in mattress making, but often they are far inferior. Bonnell springs are a time proven classic in mattress manufacturing. Some things were just invented right in the first place!

The design works because it’s based on solid physics. In fact, the physics of comfort: Imagine a 19th century buggy, the ones with the horses. Pretty rough ride you’d think hey? Well, guess what! That was what was inside those plumped up seats! Yep, they were Bonnells! And that’s where they originally came from. They’re actually so good they’re still used today in quality mattresses. Not the actual springs from the 19th century of course! You get it, I’m sure.

Imagine a 19th c. buggy, the ones with the horses. Yep, Bonnell springs!

Bonnell springs still good today

The difference with Bonnel springs (or coils) is in how they’re manufactured, that is, the quality of materials and how they’re put together. But just a tip, the quality of a mattress is never one part of it. You have to look at all of the parts. The springs are one important part of BedGuard’s top quality mattresses – I say top quality because all the parts and processes are best quality in BedGuard’s Australian manufacturing process. And are designed with optimum comfort in mind. Even if you don’t own a horse!


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