Institutional mattresses and bedding tend to bring to mind a utilitarian unfriendly environment. Bedguard puts a new view on institutional care with a better institutional mattress. Aged care facilities, nursing homes as well as rehabilitation facilities can benefit immensely from these easy to care for mattresses.  Their durability means less costly replacements from damage and wear.

Building a better institutional mattress aged care nursing homeThese high-quality mattresses are also perfect in the home.  Whether patient care is at home or in an institution they are the perfect choice for ease of care and comfort, saving on labour and maintenance. Our mattresses are made to completely repel moisture, while not sacrificing comfort.  Easy maintenance and comfort make patient care less stressful for both the caregiver and the patient. The comfort which Bedguard mattresses helps to lessen the instances of developing bed sores and similar conditions. Patients are more comfortable and are more likely to rest and sleep better.

Accidents are quickly wiped clean because moisture does not penetrate the surface of the mattress. The unique way in which Bedguard mattresses are made, provides for a completely sealed surface which means less maintenance. There are no vulnerable areas to risk damaging.  Less labour is involved with cleaning up accidents, including less laundry, which leaves more time to attend to the patient’s needs. Less patient disturbance lends more time to rest and comfort.

In the institutional environment, with a more practical and sustainable approach to health care, labour and financial savings become vitally important. And so it is crucial to use institutional mattresses that are easy to maintain and long lasting.  And because Bedguard is an Australian based and owned company, quality and consistency are assured. The mattress is fully encased and will protect patients from bed bugs, accidents, bacteria, dust mites and moulds. They are fire retardant and made entirely on site in Australia. The highest grade of Damask fabric is used and through its unique process, Bedguard creates its superior product. Hygiene, safety and comfort make these mattresses ideal for any institutional or home uses.

An institutional mattress doesn’t have to be poorly made or uncomfortable to be affordable. Bedguard quality waterproof mattresses are quite affordable when compared to other mattresses on the market as they deliver true value for money. Illness and stress are very debilitating, so whatever can be done to lessen these circumstances can also create a more humane and caring atmosphere for those in need.  The more caring and comfortable the atmosphere, the easier it is to rehabilitate or put a patient at ease.

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