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Aged Care

Common sleep problems in the elderly

Common sleep problems in the elderly

Sleep problems in the elderly are quite common with research showing that more than half of adults aged 65 years or over have at least one sleep complaint. Common sleep problems in the elderly Insomnia With more than 50% of elderly people experiencing it, insomnia is the most common sleep disorder. When you find it…

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Your Guide to Elderly Bedwetting Products

Your Guide to Elderly Bedwetting Products | BedGuard

Involuntary loss of bladder and bowel control can increase with age, meaning many seniors suffer from incontinence and in particular, night-time urinary incontinence. Night-time incontinence or bedwetting can create feelings of embarrassment and shame in seniors. But, this needn’t be the case. According to the Continence Foundation of Australia, almost 4.8 million Australian are affected…

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Do We Really Need Less Sleep As We Age?

Do We Really Need Less Sleep As We Age? - Ageing and Sleep - BedGuard

We all know sleep is vital and that the number of hours we get each night plays an essential role in our health and wellbeing. But, while it’s common knowledge that children and adults require different amounts of sleep, there’s often confusion over whether adults of different ages also have varying needs. In particular, the…

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Benefits of a Waterproof Mattress for Seniors

Benefits of a Waterproof Mattress for Seniors - BedGuard

As we age, changes to our bodies mean we can experience issues such as incontinence and bedwetting. This can be a frustrating and embarrassing problem for many seniors. Thankfully, a waterproof mattress can make dealing with these issues easier and less stressful. Easier Clean-Ups Cleaning a soiled mattress is difficult at the best of times.…

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How Waterproof Bedding Can Improve the Lives of Seniors

Waterproof bedding for seniors can help those people with mobility issues and make sleep more comfortable - BedGuard

Many seniors suffer from incontinence and bedwetting. No matter the cause, the issue can be both embarrassing and unpleasant. It can also be challenging to cope with, especially for those who live alone. However, waterproof bedding can make managing incontinence easier. Benefits of Waterproof Bedding for Seniors Waterproof bedding can aid seniors who suffer from…

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Why a Good Night’s Sleep is Vital for Seniors

A cosy bed provides important benefits of sleep for seniors

No matter your age, a good night’s sleep is essential to keep you feeling healthy and your mind active. But there’s a perception that as we age we require less sleep. And as a result, many elderly people aren’t getting the sleep they need. In fact, studies have shown that, while the amount of sleep…

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Building a better institutional mattress

Building a better institutional mattress aged care nursing home

Institutional mattresses and bedding tend to bring to mind a utilitarian unfriendly environment. Bedguard puts a new view on institutional care with a better institutional mattress. Aged care facilities, nursing homes as well as rehabilitation facilities can benefit immensely from these easy to care for mattresses.  Their durability means less costly replacements from damage and…

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BedGuard rated “Excellent” by CSIRO

excellent mattress csiro bedguard

At BedGuard, we pride ourselves on designing, manufacturing and delivering quality products to our customers. This has been recognised by CSIRO with an “excellent” rating. Our Founder and CEO, Peter Carey, invented the BedGuard Treatment when used with the proprietary Healthguard after recognising a clear need to improve mattress health. Mattresses are often exposed to…

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Helping older people get a good night’s sleep

seniors mattress

Sleep problems may sometimes increase with age and poor sleep can lead to the overuse of sleep aids, sleepiness during the day, memory problems, and short attention span. Still there are many things that older people can do to get a good night’s sleep. Just because the pattern of sleep changes, doesn’t always mean there is…

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Waterproof mattress protector vs waterproof mattress

waterproof mattress protector versus waterproof mattress

The waterproof mattress protector has been the traditional way of keeping mattresses dry. However, the advent of the waterproof mattress where protector and mattress are one has changed the way people think about having a refreshing night’s sleep. Here are the differences between the two. Waterproof mattress protectors are placed around a conventional mattress and…

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