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Waterproof Mattress or Mattress Protector – What’s Right for You?

Waterproof Mattress or Mattress Protector - What’s Right for You?

When looking to protect your mattress, it’s important to consider your options. In particular, you have three main choices from which you can select: standard mattress protectors, waterproof mattress protectors, and waterproof mattresses. To help you find the right option for your needs, we’ve created this helpful guide. Why Protect Your Mattress? Protecting your mattress…

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Get your doona protectors right!

doona protectors for family

Doona by day, doona by night. Get your doona protector right! Hmm . . . doona protectors. The word doonais funny. It just is, cute. But your favourite doona works seriously hard, day and night, in sickness and in health. Protecting you from the cold and the dark, the scary movie on TV, and the…

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A pillow protector protects more than just your pillows

pillows need protectors

Don’t under-estimate the level of protection that a quality pillow protector covers, friendships included. Ever stayed overnight at a friend’s place and had to change the pillowcase, only to discover a disgusting stained yellow pillow underneath? Yuk, it’s revolting to say the least. You’re actually shocked, but can’t say anything because that might come across…

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