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Special Needs

Is pain keeping you awake? How to sleep with pain

How to sleep with pain

Trying to sleep with pain can be frustrating and difficult, especially if your pain is ongoing or severe. Types of pain Pain can be caused by a number of things, but it’s usually categorised as being acute or chronic. Acute pain usually comes on suddenly and is caused by something specific. It lasts less than…

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Top 7 Sleep Tips for Children with Special Needs

A teddy bear on a bed showing sleep tips for children with special needs - BedGuard

Children with disabilities can often experience difficulty sleeping, which can certainly take its toll on both you and them. A lack of sleep can impact mood and behaviour and can even affect your health. So, ensuring both you and your child get the rest you require is essential. To help you, here are some useful…

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Beds for Special Needs that can Take a Bounce

special needs beds

Doesn’t getting into bed feel so good at the end of a busy day? Nearly everyone can relate to that. But for some, getting into bed – never mind sleeping – can be hard. And just how hard depends on the person’s individual needs. Ever felt anxious, hyperactive, over-tired, excited or simply too awake for bed?…

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Getting to the Bottom of Bariatric Mattresses

Bariatric mattresses are no joke Knock-knock who’s there? Barry Atric. Oh, Bariatric, Matt Ress said. It’s no joke. Some people need extra heavy-duty support when it comes their mattress. And a bariatric mattress helps provide that support. But what is a bariatric mattress? And what does bariatric mean? Isn’t it a medical thing? What’s it…

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Building a better institutional mattress

Building a better institutional mattress aged care nursing home

Institutional mattresses and bedding tend to bring to mind a utilitarian unfriendly environment. Bedguard puts a new view on institutional care with a better institutional mattress. Aged care facilities, nursing homes as well as rehabilitation facilities can benefit immensely from these easy to care for mattresses.  Their durability means less costly replacements from damage and…

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Helping your special needs child get a good night’s sleep

Children often have a hard time getting to sleep and this is especially true of those who have special needs.  Children with physical difficulties may have problems sleeping.  It’s a good idea to consult with your medical practitioner to determine what are the best ways in helping your special needs child get a good night’s…

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