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How to Reduce Sweating at Night

Messy bed sheets illustrating how to reduce sweating at night - BedGuard

If you often wake to find that you were sweating in your sleep, you should know that you’re not alone. Many people experience excessive sweating at night, which is characterised by feeling hot or sweating even when the weather is cool or there aren’t blankets on the bed. Night sweats can be frustrating by interrupting…

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Select the best BedGuard products for your requirements from our extensive range of mattresses and bedding accessories. please feel free to contact us.

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The BedGuard service was absolutely spot on.

My little miss 2 (almost 3) was super excited to receive the new mattress for her new big girl bed. The BedGuard service was absolutely spot on. After being informed of the (very prompt) delivery time of my new mattress, I received a missed call and message from the delivery driver. I quickly rang back…

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Mr 6 very happy and pleased with his new BedGuard mattress.

Bedguard happy customer

My Son’s Experience: This is my Mr 6 looking very happy and pleased with his new BedGuard mattress. He has been sleeping in the mattress for 10 days now. When I asked him if he likes his new mattress he said “YES!” Is it comfy? Another “YES!” So, BedGuard passes the comfort test. THE BED…

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