Looking for the best Bariatric Mattress requires answering a few questions first. It’s a matter of comfort and personal choice. It is also important to balance the needs of both yourself and your significant other.Different types of mattresses for obesity

Getting a healthy night’s sleep can be strongly influenced by the kind of support that is needed and whether there are health problems involved. There are many different types of bariatric mattresses available, such as low air loss mattresses that reduce pressure points, plus there are also auto firm, static float, high density memory foam, and innerspring mattresses.

Having enough uninterrupted sleep is very important to our health and well being. Repeatedly getting a poor night’s sleep can actually lead to problems such as diabetes. Not getting enough sleep can affect hormone levels to the point where metabolism is slowed and glucose levels become destabilised.

Terms like auto firm and low air loss refers to inflatable mattresses which can be pressurised to provide the required level of firmness. After about thirty minutes or so, the auto firm mattress will automatically deflate slightly to prevent pressure ulcers. It will then re-inflate to the specified limit, and cycle through several times a night. These mattresses are often used in a nursing care situation.

Static float is the same type of mattress, with the addition that the selected firmness level can be continually maintained at the same level. In other words, “static.” Like auto firm, these mattresses are primarily used in nursing situations, although they can be useful to some people with weight problems.

A high density memory foam mattress can offer a cooler sleeping surface than an inflatable mattress. A wide variety of innerspring mattresses are available that can fit body size and type, however it is important to ensure that they are developed to suit the appropriate weight. Innerspring mattresses are made up of a variety of elements, including the box frame that houses the springs.

bariatric mattress pressure

It is important to review both the spring type and strength, as well as the overall construction of the mattress. Whilst the springs may be durable, the box frame may not be adequate to support the weight needed. This will result in the side “walls” of the mattress collapsing or deteriorating ahead of the rest of the mattress.

A good bariatric mattress – such as the one made by BedGuard – will have the entire structure of the mattress designed and developed with the weight of the occupant in mind.

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