Doona by day, doona by night. Get your doona protector right!

Hmm . . . doona protectors. The word doonais funny. It just is, cute. But your favourite doona works seriously hard, day and night, in sickness and in health. Protecting you from the cold and the dark, the scary movie on TV, and the bright lights of the alarm clock you wish would shut up. Wrapped up in a cocoon, your doona provides comfort, lovely warmth and a barricade between you and the outside world. It’s a private, comfy, ‘invite only’ zone, and it’s my doona thank you!

For many of us, our snuggly warm doona is our second best friend,
next to our oh-so comfy bed.

Well, ok, maybe next to the dog, or other trusty pet, who dutifully keeps your spot warm for you when you’re not home! He certainly appreciates your doona on a cold winter’s day. Of course, he needs it for cover to protect and guard! In fact, he suspects the world’s best doona protector– by BedGuard– was named after him for sure! Daydreaming under the doona . . . a luxury deserved.

Guarding the Bed

Protect your family with a doona protector

Now don’t get in a tiz, of course your other (human) kids and family come first. And that’s the very reason your doona needs protection. Think of your favourite doona, then think of the most revolting things you wouldn’t want on it. Like puppy pee, kids wee, vomit and blood, food stains, poo stains, mucous and spills. So many things can muck up your doona and if left, can make you sick. Not only that, good doonas aren’t cheap. The answer? Invest in a quality doona protector.

Protect and guard your doonas

Though your pet may lay claim to its brilliance, BedGuard’s doona protector (quick, cover his ears), is actually made by humans for humans. In fact, it’s a special kind of waterproof doona protector that uses a technology only available from BedGuard. After a spill, all you have to do is blot the doona protector with a paper towel. Nifty hey? So, not only does the doona stay pristine, the doona protector stays clean too. Double bang for your buck! And more time to snuggle under the doona with peace-of-mind, speaking of which . . . it’s doona time . . . so nice . . . and warm . . . and clean . . . Zzzzz . . . sleepytime now . . . goodnight.

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