Keep Baby Dry and Clean

It’s a complex juggling act trying to keep baby happy, dry and clean. Your baby needs ongoing attention and all the love and quality time you can give. And rightly so. But when you’re constantly changing nappies, washing the baby bedding, cleaning, vacuuming, answering the phone, preparing formula, having your own breakfast, doing your own washing, making your own bed and looking after everyone else too! – is there really any reason why cleaning your babies cot mattress shouldn’t be as easy as possible?


A waterproof mattress protector may provide temporary mattress protection for the cot but babies (as we affectionately understand) do not discriminate when it comes to making stinky messes – we know, it’s only natural for your little person to just “let go” whenever and wherever the call of nature takes them, including in their high chair, in the pram, on or near the bed and on, around and over their cot mattress! Plus, really ..

The sheer frequency of having to change mattress protectors them can make them a chore to use – washing, changing, making sure you’ve always got a spare one – or spare 10! Luckily, there’s an option!


Less Time Cleaning the Cot Mattress Means More Quality Baby Time

There’s clearly a better option in baby mattresses – a better choice, an option that ticks all the boxes, is healthier for your baby, is easy to keep clean and keeps baby dry and comfortable for longer. The solution is a fully waterproof mattress specifically designed for Australian families and baby needs, that fully encapsulates the mattress. A high quality waterproof mattress from BedGuard is the best solution for modern needs, giving you more quality time to spend with your baby and less work to just keep them dry and clean.


BedGuard Australian-made cot mattresses not only provide complete mattress protection but are antibacterial, flame retardant and repel bedbugs, dustmites and allergens away from the mattress and away from your sensitive baby’s body, allowing the best chance of a staying clean and fresh in their cot and getting a good sleep.

The comfort, safety and not least health of your baby is of paramount importance. Therefore, you need a high quality Australian-made mattress that offers complete waterproof protection, meets Australian cot mattress standards fully and of course, not least, is affordable.

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