Bariatric mattresses are no joke

Knock-knock who’s there? Barry Atric. Oh, Bariatric, Matt Ress said.

It’s no joke. Some people need extra heavy-duty support when it comes their mattress. And a bariatric mattress helps provide that support. But what is a bariatric mattress? And what does bariatric mean? Isn’t it a medical thing? What’s it got to do with a mattress?

Bariatric support

Well, yes, bariatrics (with an s on the end) refers to a branch of medicine that deals with the control and treatment of obesity and allied diseases. Bariatric surgery is only done when other methods of weight loss have failed. It’s a last resort but for some people, this is the only way.

bariatric mattress needs

Obesity greatly increases the risk of heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and stroke. This is serious stuff. It’s not about looks. People with this problem are at risk and need to do everything they can to avoid potential life threatening conditions. Bariatric patients need support and care, medical, emotional, and physical. This includes a high quality bariatric mattress.


Bariatric patients need full care and support.

This includes a bariatric mattress with maximum support.

Bariatric mattresses

A bariatric mattress is an extra heavy-duty mattress, specifically designed for bariatric patients and extremely obese people. But bariatric mattresses are also used for less obese people who are bedridden, primarily to reduce getting bedsores. If you’re bed ridden and can’t turn yourself, this is crucial.

Well-made bariatric mattresses support greater weight without as much compression as other mattresses. And bariatric mattresses such as BedGuard’s bariatric mattresses are also specially designed to absorb perspiration, which is often a problem for people in this situation.

BedGuard is a specialist not only in Australian-made bariatric mattresses but are also experts in waterproof mattresses and bed hygiene technology. With vast experience and knowledge in the field of bedding for medical, special needs and extra support. For quality bariatric mattresses to care for you or your loved one’s needs, BedGuard’s range are a great place to start looking, and help them on the road to a healthy recovery.

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