Whether you have bought a new mattress or own a mattress that you have used for years, caring for your mattress is an important part of health and a good night’s sleep. The better the condition of your mattress, the greater the quality of life you will experience. Here are some important ways that you can care for your mattress – new or old.

Tips to care for your mattresscare for your mattress

Dust Mites and Odour

BedGuard mattresses are dust mite and odour resistant, unlike the majority of standard mattresses. If you own a traditional mattress, you should be vacuum it often to remove dust and reduce the chance of dust mites.  You can also sprinkle a small amount of baking soda on the mattress and wait about half an hour before vacuuming.  This will help control odours but don’t overdo it, a little baking soda goes a long way.

Ensemble Bases & Bed Frames

Many people don’t realise how important having the right bed frame is.  Having the correct bed frame (or ensemble base) can greatly extend the life of your mattress as they are the foundation that supports both the box springs and mattress.  Make sure your bed frame offers adequate centre support to keep your mattress from bowing.  This is also true of platform frames as well.  A good platform frame should have a strong centre support, particularly for bariatric care. A week or a sagging foundation can cause a mattress to bow, this in turn will tend to cause those sleeping in bed to slide toward the centre of the mattress causing additional wear.  This can also put too much pressure in the centre of the bed, causing broken springs, permanent sagging, deformation as well as squeaking springs and lumpiness.

Make sure that your foundation allows for proper air flow. A quality foundation will provide sufficient ventilation and aid in keeping your mattress dry.  The better the foundation, the longer your mattress will last.

Mattress Rotation and Turning

Turning your mattress on a regular basis is also important.  It should be turned underside up every six months. And it should be rotated so that the foot of the mattress becomes the head every three months.  Avoid pulling too hard on the handles when turning it. Your mattress should also never be folded or bent when turning it or when it is placed in storage or transported. Many cheaper mattresses are single sided only, all BedGuard waterproof mattresses are double sided for complete protection and mattress longevity.

While it’s sometimes necessary to sit on the edge of your mattress, you should avoid sitting in the same spot every time.  This can cause compression of the roping around the mattress edge and lead to fraying.

In short, care for your mattress by treating it with respect and regular maintenance and it will reward you with the rest you deserve. Oh, and children should not be allowed to jump on the bed. But, then again, that might be just too much fun to stop.

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