Bedwetting is an issue that can affect children and adults alike. As well as being embarrassing and frustrating, the problem can also be highly damaging to mattresses. While cleaning up after the fact helps, the only way to truly keep your bed in good condition is prevention.

By shielding your mattress, you’ll be able to stop stains and damage occurring while also making clean-ups easier. All you need to do is find the right form of protection for your needs.

For premium protection that’s easy and effective, there’s no better option than BedGuard. Discover our solution for protecting a mattress from bedwetting below.

Why is protecting a mattress from bedwetting important?

Mattress protection is crucial for bedwetters. First and foremost, there’s the issue of health. When urine and other liquids penetrate a mattress, they can be incredibly difficult to remove. Even if you wash and dry the surface of the mattress, there may still be liquid trapped in the interior. And that can breed bacteria and mould, which can be detrimental to your health.

As well as creating health issues, damage caused by spills and bedwetting can also affect the longevity of your mattress. As such, it may need to be replaced sooner, which can come at a significant cost.

How to Protect a Mattress from Bedwetting - The BedGuard Solution

How to protect a mattress from bedwetting

There are many options for protecting a mattress from bedwetting. To find the solution that’s right for you, you must consider a variety of factors, including the level of protection you require and your budget.

Common options include:

Mattress Underpads
These waterproof pads are designed to sit on top of your sheet in the middle of your bed. Although they are easy to clean and replace, they do not protect your entire mattress.

Standard Mattress Protectors
While standard mattress protectors are designed to shield the entire top side of your mattress, they aren’t waterproof. Therefore, liquids may soak through and penetrate your mattress.

Waterproof Mattress Protectors
Waterproof mattress protectors provide a high level of protection. However, they can be uncomfortable or noisy to sleep on and do require changing and laundering.

While these options can be suitable for some, they do not provide the superior protection and comfort of the BedGuard solution.

The BedGuard solution

At BedGuard, we create Australian-made waterproof mattresses that provide the highest level of mattress protection. Our mattresses are made with premium materials and expert techniques.

To ensure our mattresses offer the utmost protection from spills, bacteria, dust and more, they undergo a unique dual treatment process. This process, which includes the HealthGuard Treatment and BedGuard Treatment, leaves them impenetrable to liquids, solids and odours.

Due to their special design, BedGuard mattresses do not absorb any liquid. So, there’s no need to worry about accidents affecting their quality or longevity. Additionally, with a BedGuard mattress, cleaning up is as simple as wiping over the area with a cloth.

Although waterproof mattresses are typically more expensive than other options, they do provide the highest level of protection, hygiene and convenience. And, as our mattresses are expertly made, they are incredibly long-lasting, making them a highly worthwhile investment for regular bedwetters.

BedGuard protectors

While it’s essential to protect your mattress from the damaging effects of urine, it’s also important to shield your doona and pillows. As with mattresses, doonas and pillows can be difficult to thoroughly clean and dry once penetrated by urine. Once affected, their quality can be reduced, and they can become a hygiene concern.

To ensure your or your child’s pillow and doona are protected throughout bedwetting phases, consider purchasing protectors. At BedGuard, we provide waterproof doona and pillow protectors that are safe, practical and easy to use. Just slip them over your doona and pillow before fitting your regular doona and pillow covers over the top.

BedGuard mattresses are specially designed to provide expert protection from bedwetting. Browse the range to find out more.

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