The party season is often filled with fun, friends and late nights, so how can you stop your sleep from suffering?


How to sleep well during the party season


The end of the year is often full of social activities, festive functions and parties. While these are great for our social lives, they may not always be great for our sleep.

Here are our best tips to ensure your party season doesn’t compromise your sleep…too much!

Top tips to sleep well during the party season

Limit alcohol

It’s a known fact that alcohol can impact the quality and quantity of your sleep. While you don’t have to forgo those celebratory drinks, it’s wise to limit how much you drink. Set a limit for how much alcohol you will drink at your social events, and then avoid alcohol on your non-party days. This will help you improve the amount and quality of your sleep throughout the party season.

Eat well

Christmas and party season are times when we enjoy extra treats and extra food, but that doesn’t mean you have to do it for every meal! By all means, enjoy your parties, but for the rest of the time focus on eating healthy food, limiting fast food, spicy food and heavy meals. What you eat before bedtime influences your sleep, so choosing healthy foods will also help with your sleep.

Keep exercising

One of the first things that often disappears during party season is regular exercise. However, exercising regularly has been shown to help you sleep better. It improves mood, reduces anxiety, helps your body feel tired, making it ready for sleep, and it helps you sleep longer and deeper. So, at a time when sleep may be compromised some nights, getting regular movement will help you sleep better on the other nights.

Nap when you can

If done correctly, napping can be of great benefit during times when sleep is hard to come by. The best time to nap is between 2.00 pm and 3.00 pm as it’s around this time that our blood sugar and energy levels take a natural dip. However, napping isn’t a substitute for good sleep, so when you’re not out on the town having fun, try to get an early night.

Set your bedroom up for sleep

There’s nothing quite like a restful haven to turn to when it’s time for bed. To ensure a good sleep, reserve your bedroom only for sleep and intimacy and avoid eating or watching TV in your bedroom if possible. Ensure your room is the right temperature, that it’s dark and quiet enough to drop off to sleep, and that your bedroom is peaceful. You should also implement a restful bedtime routine.

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