Care Instructions

These care instructions must be complied with to ensure your new mattress is covered by the BedGuard Guarantee.

After spills blot the mattress surface with paper towel as soon as practical and your BedGuard will continue to protect again and again. All SPILL, ODOUR and STAIN will be transferred into the paper towel after blotting. The paper towel containing spill, odour and stain can be easily disposed. Your mattress surface will feel cold for a short while until reaching the surrounding ambient temperature. It may appear wet or stained for a short period, however this is temporary and will return to normal and is of course ready for use.

The only component of your BedGuard mattress that isn't treated is the 36mm edge tape that is stitched around your mattress to connect the boarder to the top and bottom. The edge tape is constructed of Nylon (like a rain jacket) and may stain. If the edge tape on your mattress gets stained, you should use a small amount household bleach applied with a soft cloth to the tape. Rubber Gloves should always be used when applying bleach, check manufacturers safe handling recommendations.

Your sheets will require laundering but rest assured NO spill has permeated through your mattress surface or into your mattress interior padding and springs.BedGuard protects your investment and you're health, as odour or liquid borne allergens are trapped on the surface of your BedGuard mattress and are easily removed protecting the interior of your mattress.

Cleaning the Nasties
Your BedGuardmattress can easily be disinfected using baby wipes or hand wipes. Use of chemicals in a bedroom environment should be kept to a minimum to avoid allegoric reaction. BedGuard mattress are treated to repel foreign infiltration and should only require blotting with paper towels to maintain a healthy and clean bedding environment.

Mattress Care

  • Always use a protective sheet or insulation sheet between mattress and base. To avoid tearing or ripping of the mattress surface.
  • Base slats supporting the mattress must be no more than 7cm apart. A centre support rail for all double mattresses and above.
  • Avoid sitting on the mattress edge as this action may damage frame, springs or boarder.
  • Rotation of the mattress will extend its life. This must be performed every 2 weeks for the first 3 months and monthly thereafter (refer to turning instructions). Note: BedGuardmattresses are Double sided and should be turned end to end as well as rotated.
  • Handles (where provided) are to be used for positioning the mattress. Don't use handles to lift the mattress.
  • Remember your new mattress will take approximately 30 days to adjust to your body contour.

General Care

  • Don't let anyone stand or jump on your mattress.
  • Blot spills as the care instructions as soon as practicable
  • Even though your new BedGuard mattress is flame retardant please don't smoke in bed.

Body Impressions
Body impressions appear as an indentation on the mattress surface. Body impressions are considered normal and indicate your mattress is performing as intended; contouring to your body shape. Rotation as per instructions is essential to conform even wear.

Generally height loss considered normal is 25mm-35mm for non-pillow top and 35mm-50mm pillow top. The degree of body impression depends on the comfort layers of the mattress and your body shape.

Care Instructions