How to Choose the Right Mattress for Incontinence

Incontinence and bedwetting can be difficult for many adults and seniors. Not only can the problem be frustrating as it is often uncontrollable, but it can also lead to emotional issues, such as feelings of shame, loss of dignity and lower self-esteem. However, it’s important to note that incontinence is common and although the majority of sufferers are over sixty, it can affect adults of all ages. Therefore, those experiencing incontinence should know that they’re not alone. Additionally, be aware that there are ways to help ease incontinence issues and make it more manageable.

Specific lifestyle changes can be particularly useful in the prevention of incontinence incidents. However, accidents still happen. As such, it’s important to be prepared, especially for the nighttime when many accidents can occur. Choosing the right mattress and bedding are an essential part of this preparation, and in this guide, we discuss how to select the right mattress to meet your incontinence needs.

Mattress Options

When dealing with incontinence, it’s essential to understand your mattress options. In particular, there are two main mattress styles from which you can choose. The first is a standard mattress, which is susceptible to stains but can be used in conjunction with other protective products. The second is a waterproof mattress, which offers complete protection against the penetration of fluids into its interior. As both styles have benefits, it’s essential to select the one that best suits your personal needs.

Standard Mattress for Incontinence

Thanks to their wide range of options, standard mattresses can be ideal for many incontinence sufferers. However, as such mattresses do not shield against the penetration of liquid, accidents can often lead to stains, smells, and hygiene issues. Therefore, if you are an adult dealing with incontinence or are the caretaker of a senior with incontinence, investing in products that offer protection is crucial to maintaining the condition of your mattress.

Vinyl Covers

As they are typically affordable and can be easily wiped down, vinyl covers or plastic sheets can be ideal for those who are incontinent. However, they can also be uncomfortable and often noisy if you roll around at night.

Mattress Protectors

Like vinyl covers, mattress covers and protectors can also be placed on your mattress to protect it. They come in many varieties with some of the best being waterproof and barely detectable underneath your sheets. But, many other cheaper options can be much less effective. Also, it’s important to buy at least two mattress protectors to ensure you have one to use when the other is in the wash.

Mattress Pads

Mattress pads, which sit on top of your mattress and bottom sheet can be ideal if you don’t move too much in your sleep. They are placed under your body at night around the middle of the mattress, where the most liquid would be. Ideally, in the morning you then need only wash the pad itself, but if you have moved during the night, that may not be the case.

Adult Diapers

Adult diapers and absorbent briefs can be quite beneficial in keeping your sheets and mattress dry and clean overnight. Likewise, they can also make any morning cleanup simpler and be convenient when staying away from home. However, leaks can occur, and some adults may find diapers uncomfortable or embarrassing to wear.

Waterproof Mattress for Incontinence

The alternate option to a standard mattress is to invest in a waterproof option. As waterproof mattresses feature a barrier that stops any liquid entering the interior, they are the most sanitary option for adults battling incontinence. When accidents occur, you can just use an absorbent cloth to remove all liquid from the surface of the mattress. Then, just use a sanitary wipe to sterilise the area.

Additionally, BedGuard waterproof mattresses are also incredibly comfortable, meaning that you can get a good night’s sleep while having peace of mind that your bed is protected. And, as the mattress repels liquid, you won’t need to purchase any other protective products, such as covers or pads. Likewise, thanks to its durable nature and high quality, a BedGuard Waterproof mattress can last a lifetime without developing any stains or odours.

Are you struggling with incontinence? Browse the BedGuard range to discover how a waterproof mattress can make your life easier and more comfortable.

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