Mr 6 very happy and pleased with his new BedGuard mattress.

My Son’s Experience:

This is my Mr 6 looking very happy and pleased with his new BedGuard mattress. He has been sleeping in the mattress for 10 days now. When I asked him if he likes his new mattress he said “YES!” Is it comfy? Another “YES!” So, BedGuard passes the comfort test.Bedguard mattress review


My son was having accidents every night to every second night. What I feared most was the wetness getting through to the mattress. There is not much that can be done if that happens, and the last thing I want is a yellow stain, or an odour as a constant reminder that the bed has been soiled. Using Bedguard I felt more at ease because the mattress does not absorb the wetness. And the wetness is easily cleaned off without leaving any residue or stain. No odour is left to linger around either. According to the website this bed also repels bed bugs because it does not absorb wetness. That does provide peace of mind.


My dealings with the company were also very pleasant and professional. I received contact straight away and delivery was organised promptly. I also received a courtesy call to let me know the delivery was on its way. I appreciate this because the last thing you want is to sit around all day waiting for a delivery.

All mattresses are designed and manufactured in Australia so that’s another tick. The webpage is informative and user friendly and purchases can be made online. Considering all the benefits of the bed, I thought the prices were also very reasonable. I would definitely recommend Bedguard to anyone considering purchasing a mattress especially for children or the elderly. Or even for parents that have bedtime visitors or enjoy breakfast in bed. Thank you BedGuard and Kidspot for the opportunity to trial this great product.

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