According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, 28% of Australian adults are obese. That’s almost three out of every ten who are suffering from the discomfort and issues associated with a excessive weight.

One issue that can be particularly challenging for obese individuals is a lack of sleep. As weight-related problems can cause severe sleep disturbances, those who are large are often unable to get the rest they require. And, while enough quality sleep is important for everyone, it is especially vital for anyone trying to lose weight.

Proper rest provides the foundation for weight loss and is an essential element of living a healthy lifestyle. To ensure you’re able to rest soundly, try these helpful tips.

Obesity and Sleep: How to Rest Soundly with a Heavy Body - BedGuard

Find the Right Position

For obese individuals, a supportive and comfortable sleeping position is vital for a good night’s rest. Of course, “the right position” can vary from person to person, so finding the one that suits your body and needs best is important.

Sleeping on your back with a thin pillow is often recommended for health and postural reasons. However, this position can be problematic for those with sleep apnea or breathing issues. In such cases, a side position may be better. Sleeping on the left side is recommended as laying on the right can put stress on your cardiovascular system.

Using pillows around your body to provide additional support can also be beneficial. You can use either standard or specialised pillows, such as wedge-shaped designs, where needed. For side sleepers, placing a pillow between your legs can help cushion your knees and support your hip. For those who sleep on their back, a pillow or rolled towel under the knees can aid spinal support.

Tackle Sleep Apnea

Although sleep apnea can affect anyone, it is a common issue for obese individuals. The disorder, in which breathing repeatedly stops and starts, can be incredibly disruptive to sleep.

To get a better night’s rest with sleep apnea, speak to your doctor or a healthcare professional. They’ll be able to advise you on the problem and suggest the best course of action.

Many sleep apnea sufferers require a breathing assistance device, such as a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine, to improve their sleep. However, machines aren’t the only solution. Other ways to tackle sleep apnea include surgery, dental devices, side sleeping, special pillows, and lifestyle changes, such as losing weight, quitting smoking, and avoiding alcohol before bed.

Watch What You Consume Before Bed

What you eat and drink in the hours before you go to bed can significantly affect your quality of sleep. In particular, sugar, alcohol, caffeine and tobacco can have a negative impact. So, it’s best to avoid them as much as possible at night.

Sugar and caffeine can stay in your system for up to six hours, meaning your body has to work to process them during this time. And, if your body is working, getting to sleep can be more difficult.

Keep Cool

Larger bodies retain heat more easily, which can cause issues of overheating at night. So, to rest soundly, it’s important to try and keep cool while sleeping.

To stay cool, try lowering the temperature in your room. According to multiple studies, temperatures of around 18 degrees Celsius are ideal.

Even if your room is cool, it’s important to note that other factors can contribute to overheating. Mattress materials that retain heat, such as memory foam, are common culprits for causing sweating.

Invest in a Bariatric Mattress

If you want quality rest, it’s essential you invest in the right mattress for your body. A bariatric mattress is specially designed to provide the support that large bodies need. Created with extra reinforcement and padding, they can help relieve pressure points while remaining comfortable and supportive for years to come.

At BedGuard, we create high-quality bariatric waterproof mattresses. Designed for weights up to 300kg, our selection can suit a variety of overweight and obese individuals. Our beds have a ten-year life expectancy and a five-year guarantee. They are specially made for comfort and support and are ideal for those who overheat and sweat at night.

BedGuard creates a range of high-quality bariatric mattresses that are comfortable and waterproof. View our products to find out more.

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