Super easy and a real time (and irritation) saver for busy mums like me.

Like for most other families the upcoming arrival of our new baby means a big bed(room) shuffle with miss 2 moving into a big bed to make room for the new addition. A decent single bed and mattress can be quite an expensive purchase and it is a long-term investment so you do want to get it right. The twins love their Bunkers Convert-a-Bunk and we do too so that made the decision really easy this time, the only thing we changed this time around was the mattress.Bedguard review - Simone Wootton-Franssen

Double the beds, but not double the hassle thanks to BedGuard

Choosing a proper, good quality, durable mattress is very important and with prices starting at around $300 per mattress it is not something you want to have to replace often. Adults are (usually) quite good at keeping their mattresses clean but for children that is a very big ask, we all know accidents happen and there is nothing you can do to prevent that. If you have ever tried to clean, scrub and deodorize a mattress you know it ruins your mood, takes ages and after all that it never becomes 100% clean again. Here’s the good news, there is hope!

The innovative new BedGuard mattress range takes the hassle out of a wet bed with its unique protection system that stops liquids, stains and odours from ruining your mattress. There is no need for mattress protectors (no more crunchy sounds and sticky plastic for your child to sleep on) as the special BedGuard protection layer keeps all the nasties at bay, in case of accidents just use some paper towel to remove the spill and your mattress is fresh, clean and dry again.

Aside from repelling liquid, odours and stains BedGuard mattresses have many other great features that make them the ideal choice for your child. The anti-dust mite, anti-bacterial, bed bug resistant and flame retardant properties give parents peace of mind, they can sleep well knowing their child is safe and comfortable all night through. All BedGuard mattresses are filled with above industry standard foam density and high quality inner springs ensuring a comfortable night sleep.

Within the BedGuard range you’ll find three different types of mattresses (Guardian Comfort, Guardian Luxury and Guardian Opulence) in all bed sizes so the whole family can enjoy the BedGuard peace of mind. Prices start at $330 for a single bed mattress which is very similar to what we paid for our other two single bed mattresses, except we did not get all these great features and still had to invest in mattress protectors too!

Because of a little hiccup with our Bunkers order our two BedGuard mattresses arrived here long before the bunkbed did which really tested my patience as I was very keen to put them to test. Between you and I, during one of my restless nights as a pregnant woman I decided to try out one of the mattresses myself and I can guarantee you it was very comfortable, we might have to buy a queen size mattress too! Bedguard review - Simone Wootton-Franssen 2
Miss 2 feels right at home in the big bed

By now the bunkbed and mattresses are all in use and last week we had our first (small) accident, not usually reason to celebrate but in this case the perfect opportunity to see if the BedGuard promise delivered. As per the care instructions I removed the sheets and put paper towel over the spill to soak up the liquid. I repeated this three to four times and after that the mattress felt dry, and no smell! No scrubbing required and no covering the patch in soda, no yellow stain and no sneaky odours that hang around. Super easy and a real time (and irritation) saver for busy mums like me.

BedGuard is an Australian family business with all products designed and made right here in Australia using high quality materials. Being Australian made you can rest assured that the manufacturing process is closely monitored from start to finish to supply Australian families with an outstanding product that they can enjoy for years. BedGuard mattresses have a life expectancy of 10 years and a 5 year guarantee.

Review by Simone Wootton-Franssen – Hip Little Ones

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