Tips For Dealing With Bed Wetting Kids

For our kids in Australia, no doubt like the rest of the world, bed wetting is very common. In fact, between the ages of 5 and 15 years old, 37,000 children across Victoria regularly wet their bed. Now, that’s a lot of wet mattresses! In Victoria alone for example, just take a look at these stats:

Some Surprising Facts:

  • At 4 years old, 1 in 3 children are regular bedwetters
  • At age 6, around 1 in 10 children are bedwetting and
  • By the age of 10, 1 in 20 kids still wet their bed.

Bedwetting Solutions For Australian Families

So it’s safe to say your child is not alone with his or her bedwetting problem. Kids, parents and carers everywhere from Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane to Hobart, Perth and the Australian Capital Territory are dealing with bedwetting and toilet training everyday. It’s part of life but how you deal with it is the key. The solution to bedwetting is a combination of emotional support, positive reinforcement and practical products to deal with urinary incontinence including not least, a comfortable bed with a quality waterproof mattress.

For peace-of-mind, comfort and hygiene, invest in a waterproof and fully encased mattress with high quality mattress protection. The Bedguard Australian made range of waterproof mattresses are the perfect solution for bedwetting kids. Offering affordability and the best mattress protection from urine, spills and stains available, Bedguard mattresses are an all-in-one solution with the waterproof mattress protector bonded to the mattress. This mattress protector provides a waterproof surface which enables the mattress to stay dry, clean and odour free. There are lots of other real benefits to the Bedguard’s waterproof bedding range for children and bedwetting kids.

Check out the range here for more details – Waterproof Mattresses for Kids

A Positive Approach To Bedwetting and Toilet Training

Bed-wetting is not a behavioural problem. Most children have no lasting problems from bed-wetting, however, many do feel embarrassed or ashamed. Family members of children with bedwetting need to be supportive and not critical.

Letting your child get involved in a positive way to get out of the bedwetting habit is important. It’s common for children to become dry at night for a while and then to start wetting again. A positive, patient and supportive approach is key to sucess.

Some ideas to make toilet training less stressful include for example, keeping a record chart of wet and dry nights by having your child make a chart for themselves as an activity. They can choose how to complete it with pictures, stars, stickers or drawings of something they enjoy, like a sport or hobby to show the dry nights. Similarly, if you are potty-training your child, making it as easy as possible for them will help them progress quicker which in turn will help them learn in a healthy way how to not wet the bed.

How Can I Protect My Kids Mattress From Urine?

Being kind to our kids, it’s best to remember that we all have to pee – it’s just that when you’re in the potting training stage or are bedwetting, that urine can become an embarrassing subject. Urine is the fluid waste excreted by the kidneys and is actually made of ninety-six percent water and four percent waste such as urea and salts.The yellow in colour of urine is basically due to bile pigments – a good thing because bile is produced by the liver to help in digestion. If you drink a lot, the urine will be pale. If, on the other hand, you are sweating a lot or drinking too little, the urine will be darker in colour. So, when you go to the bathroom for the first time in the morning, your urine is usually the darkest.

An incontinence mattress protector can help stop penetration of urine on the mattress but can be hard to keep clean and free of odour over a period of time. A mattress topper needs to be removed and makes it hard work having to change, clean, dry and replace the topper everytime an accident happens. Plus, you really need two mattress protectors so there’s always one on the mattress. A much better more modern and hygienic solution to protect a bed is a product such as Bedguard’s Guardian Comfort Single Bed Mattress.

Starting with Cot mattresses (manufactured to Australian Standards) for the smallest member of the family, to single bed mattresses for those transitioning from Cot to Bed for the first time, all the way through to King Size mattresses, Bedguard’s range of waterproof mattresses are designed for each member of the family and provide an easy, affordable and effective bedwetting solution plus these extra benefits:


Bedguard Kids Waterproof Mattress Unique Benefits
  • Repels liquid
  • Repels odour
  • Anti-dustmite
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Repels stains
  • Repels bed bugs
  • Flame retardant
  • Prohibits mattress bacterial growth
  • Light-weight, easy to lift
  • Long-life, quality Australian-made

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