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10 Top Tips for Toilet Training Toddlers

Toilet training toddler tips to help you get your little one out of nappies.

Toilet training children can be challenging for parents. Thankfully, there is plenty of advice available on successfully transitioning your child from nappies to underwear. So, if you’re looking to make this parenting milestone less stressful for both you and your little one, follow these top tips for toilet training toddlers. 1. Start Training When They’re…

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The Most Common Bed Wetting Causes

The Most Common Bedwetting Causes | BedGuard Waterproof Mattress

Bedwetting is a common issue for many people that can affect both children and adults. Although it can be embarrassing, there are ways to help treat and control the condition. However, it’s important to understand the causes of bedwetting in order to effectively manage it. So, to help you identify the reason why you, your…

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Incontinence in Children

Incontinence in Children and bed wetting

We hear a lot about incontinence in adults, especially older people, but not as often in children. Incontinence in children is actually not so uncommon. It is expected in really young children who have not yet been toilet trained or who have not yet finished training. But it does occur in older children. It is…

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How to handle bed wetting as a family

The first step in handling bed wetting as a family is to realise that your child undoubtedly finds bed wetting to be a stressful event. Bed wetting is common among children up to the age of three and should not be an area for concern until around the age of six. Here are some tips…

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How to free your child from bedwetting anxiety

How to free your child from bed wetting anxiety

Bedwetting is a normal part of childhood, at least until the age of three and often later. But, it’s important to remember that it doesn’t necessarily seem this way to your child. Childhood can be rather uncomfortable. A child has little control of his or her environment and must rely on parents and other caregivers…

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Easy to Clean Cot Mattress Save Time

comfortable cot mattress

Keep Baby Dry and Clean It’s a complex juggling act trying to keep baby happy, dry and clean. Your baby needs ongoing attention and all the love and quality time you can give. And rightly so. But when you’re constantly changing nappies, washing the baby bedding, cleaning, vacuuming, answering the phone, preparing formula, having your…

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