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10 Reasons Why You’re Sweating During Sleep

10 Reasons Why You’re Sweating During Sleep | BedGuard

Night-time sweating is a problem for many individuals. As well as being uncomfortable, it can cause disturbed sleep and create stains on bedding and mattresses. Of course, reducing and preventing sweating at night can be difficult, especially when you don’t understand the reason. To help you find out what’s causing you to perspire when you…

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Waterproof Mattress or Mattress Protector – What’s Right for You?

Waterproof Mattress or Mattress Protector - What’s Right for You?

When looking to protect your mattress, it’s important to consider your options. In particular, you have three main choices from which you can select: standard mattress protectors, waterproof mattress protectors, and waterproof mattresses. To help you find the right option for your needs, we’ve created this helpful guide. Why Protect Your Mattress? Protecting your mattress…

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Your Guide to Sleeping Soundly While Pregnant

Your Guide to Sleeping Soundly While Pregnant | BedGuard

Due to the changes taking place in your body, achieving a good night’s sleep while pregnant can often be difficult. From heartburn and nausea to a moving baby and even bedwetting, pregnancy can disrupt your sleep in many ways. As such, this joyous time can often become challenging and frustrating. Thankfully, there are ways to…

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How Waterproof Bedding Can Improve the Lives of Seniors

Waterproof bedding for seniors can help those people with mobility issues and make sleep more comfortable - BedGuard

Many seniors suffer from incontinence and bedwetting. No matter the cause, the issue can be both embarrassing and unpleasant. It can also be challenging to cope with, especially for those who live alone. However, waterproof bedding can make managing incontinence easier. Benefits of Waterproof Bedding for Seniors Waterproof bedding can aid seniors who suffer from…

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Incontinence in Children

Incontinence in Children and bed wetting

We hear a lot about incontinence in adults, especially older people, but not as often in children. Incontinence in children is actually not so uncommon. It is expected in really young children who have not yet been toilet trained or who have not yet finished training. But it does occur in older children. It is…

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Waterproof mattress protector vs waterproof mattress

waterproof mattress protector versus waterproof mattress

The waterproof mattress protector has been the traditional way of keeping mattresses dry. However, the advent of the waterproof mattress where protector and mattress are one has changed the way people think about having a refreshing night’s sleep. Here are the differences between the two. Waterproof mattress protectors are placed around a conventional mattress and…

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The in’s and out’s of mattress protectors

How Well Is Your Mattress Protected? Your new mattress can only stay fresh and healthy if it has good mattress protection – from the start. In fact, the better your mattress is protected, the better the mattress can protect you from all the elements that can cause health problems to you and your family. The list…

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Surviving the toddler toilet training years

toddler toilet training

Toddler toilet training. It’s a stage that can bring excitement and apprehension, pride and frustration – and up until recently a lot of sleepless nights. While my dear Cheeky Monkey is wonderful during the day, being a deep sleeper, it’s easy for him to have little accidents – and not so little accidents through the…

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