BedGuard Waterproof Mattress Technical Data

Quality Assurance and Standards


Australian-made mattress supplier BedGuard takes your health Bedguard scientific approachand safety seriously. We think it’s important to deliver and maintain the highest standards in mattress protection, to keep Australian kids and families healthy and safe. This page outlines technical Information on our mattresses includes our exclusive Dual Treatment Process. Our fully encased mattresses with inbuilt waterproof mattress protectors are purpose-built to protect you and your family from fire, damp, liquid, bacteria, dirt, bedbugs and dust mites making them extremely hygienic, safe and comfortable.

BedGuard mattresses are made entirely on site in Australia allowing us to use the highest quality fabrics and materials available plus the benefit of direct control over our strict quality benchmarks and standards. Skillfully constructed and rigorously tested, our mattresses not only fully comply with both the highest UK and Australian standards but with BedGuard’s exclusive 2-treatment process, our mattresses’ unique superior protection is quality assured.

Highest Grade Damask Fabric

BedGuard matresses’ damask fabric is loomed in Victoria by us and is of the highest standard available. Using warp and weft threads, our woven damask is dense, extremely durable and long-lasting, creating the ideal fabric for the longest wearing, lowest maintenance mattresses in Australia.

Our Dual Treatment Process

Once the damask fabric has been woven, a 2-treatment process takes place: Designed, developed and implemented by BedGuard specifically for Australian conditions, this process is unique to BedGuard mattresses and incorporates our exclusively patented treatments: HealthGuard™ and BedGuard™.

1. The HealthGuard™ Treatment

1. The HealthGuard™ Treatment First, HealthGuard™ is applied to the woven damask fabric. HealthGuard™ is an anti-dustmite and anti-bacterial treatment. Following the application of HealthGuard™, we apply a flame retardant treatment, complying with the UK and Australian standards:

UK Fire Retardant Standards and Testing Methods Australian Standard™ Testing Method
  • BS7717
  • EN597.1
  • EN597.2
  • AS2001.2.13-1987

This first treatment is then cured by heat bonding to the fabric, sealing the treatment in.

Stitching and Quilting


After this 1st treatment, the fabric is despatched to our quilting facility. Stitched to 24mm comfort density Dunlop foam layer in a tight small/large pattern with small needle setting, this exceeds industry standards by double.

Industry Quilting Standard BedGuard Quilting Standard
  • 12mm foam with
  • wide needle pattern
  • 24mm comfort density Dunlop foam
  • tight small/large pattern with
  • small needle setting

2. The BedGuard™ Treatment

After quilting, the fabric is despatched to our BedGuard™ applicationBedguard waterproof mattress formulation facility for the 2nd part of the 2-treatment process. BedGuard™ is an inert polymer* that once cured to our HealthGuard™ treatment becomes a isotactic* bond which is completely stable with no off-gassing.

Applied and cured in our oven by heating to 100 plus Celsius, the BedGuard™ treatment bonds and encapsulates the quilting including the needle point entry making our mattresses impenetrable to liquids, solids and odours. This treatment is further unique to BedGuard™ mattresses as no other product treats the needle point entry.

The BedGuard™ isotactic bond is cured to the fabric. The heat in the curing process causes the fabric yarns’ molecules to sacrifice themselves to the BedGuard™ molecules; creating a tighter “weave” and impervious surface.

Inner Springs

The finished quilting is transferred to our inner spring facility to have the mattress springs inserted. This includes 4mm heavy duty edge wire and edge clips inserted to resist collapse of the boarder of the mattress.


Polymer - Natural or synthetic compound that consists of large molecules made of many chemically bonded smaller identical molecules eg starch and nylon.

Compound - A thing that is composed of two or more separate elements.

Isotactic - Having or relating to a stereochemical regularity of structure in the repeating units of a polymer.

CSIRO rates BedGuard waterproof mattresses as "Excellent"

The BedGuard Treatment has been rated as having "Excellent resistance to water penetration of surface".

Using the AATCC TM 118-2007 Water Repellancy testing method, CSIRO put the BedGuard Treatment to the test and confirmed it's ability to support Water Solution No 6 (60% Water / 40% Isopropanol).

To view the full report from CSIRO, click here.