There are some important points to keep in mind when choosing a mattress that best suits the way you sleep. They are important because a night of tossing and turning prevents deep sleep and that well rested feeling after awakening. However, picking the right mattress is a very personal decision and sometimes requires a little compromise.

The first point is that no mattress is perfect for everyone. There may even be cases where an individual may have certain ailments, such as chronic back pain, sleep apnea or acid reflux that require them to sleep in a semi-upright position. Even so, it is always possible to find a workable sleeping solution.

People can sometimes run into difficulty if they and their partner have different sleeping habits. This is often due to the positions they sleep in the most. So, knowing how you and your partner prefer to sleep is important.

Sleeping posture & your mattress

Side sleepers usually like and need a softer mattress that offers support to alleviate pressure points that cause interrupted sleep. The mattress should conform to and support the area between the ribs and the hip.

If you like to sleep on your back, you will need comfort and support. This usually means a somewhat harder mattress that is still soft enough to conform to the body to help support the curve of the spine while allowing shoulders and hips to remain comfortable.

Stomach sleepers will generally need a softer mattress to feel comfortable all night. Harder mattresses can put too much pressure on the stomach area and may not conform to a person’s body shape.


Support is provided by the combination of springs and foam within the mattress. This includes the internal tension of the springs and how far apart they are placed as well as the type of foam that is used. Not everyone prefers the same arrangement of foam and springs.

So, it becomes a matter of compromise, but you should try to find a mattress that comes closest to what both you and your partner want. Your mattress will be an investment in health and comfort for many years.

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