The unique features of BedGuard mattresses make them resistant to liquid, odour, staining and bed bugs.

There are a few key features that people like to keep in mind when looking for a mattress. The two most common features are comfort and longevity. A comfortable mattress is necessary for a good night’s sleep. In order for a comfortable mattress to last, it is important that the mattress is able to sustain any spills or stains that may happen during the night, and also repel against bed bugs that may eat away at the fibres. BedGuard mattresses are designed to provide great waterproof comfort and protection.

Our unique treatment is bonded to the mattress itself, making it the best mattress protector without the hassle and maintenance of lining your mattress with a separate protector cover. All BedGuard mattresses feature this superior protection treatment which repels liquid, odour, stains and bed bugs. If an accident does occur, simply blot the mess with a paper towel and your mattress will be fresh, clean and dry again.

Waterproof Comfort & Protection

In most mattresses, if a bed is soiled with liquid or solids, the mass will be absorbed deep into the mattress fibres and in turn leave a stain, and may even breed bacteria. The main feature of BedGuard mattresses is that these masses cannot penetrate through our mattresses to create stains. This results in a longer mattress life, and a much more hygienic, healthy environment plus savings and comfort for you. BedGuard mattresses are also flame retardant and protect against bed bugs.

BedGuard mattresses are Australian designed, manufactured, owned and operated. Choose a BedGuard mattress and you’ll rest easy.

BedGuard mattresses provide complete protection and comfort. Our mattresses are filled with above industry standard foam density and high quality springs so you can enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep.

BedGuard features