The unique features of BedGuard mattresses make them resistant to liquid, odour, staining and bed bugs.

BedGuard mattresses provide great waterproof comfort and protection. Our unique treatment is bonded to the mattress. All BedGuard mattresses feature this superior protection which repels liquid, odour, stains and bedbugs. and with nothing to remove, there's no need for mattress protectors. No washing and no maintenance. Simply blot any mess up with a paper towel. Stains and odours are removed, leaving your mattress fresh, clean and dry.

Waterproof Comfort & Protection

The features and benefits don't end there, as liquids can't penetrate our matresses. They are resistant to soiling and stains from liquids and solids. BedGuard mattresses are also flame retardant and resist bedbugs.

This results in a longer mattress life, and a much more hygenic, healthier environment. Plus savings and comfort for you. BedGuard mattresses are Australian designed, manufactured, owned and operated. Choose a BedGuard mattress and you'll rest easy.

BedGuard mattresses provide complete protection and comfort. Our mattresses are filled with above industry standard foam density and high quality inner springs. This ensures a comfortable night's sleep.

BedGuard features