The waterproof mattress protector has been the traditional way of keeping mattresses dry. However, the advent of the waterproof mattress where protector and mattress are one has changed the way people think about having a refreshing night’s sleep. Here are the differences between the two.waterproof mattress protector versus waterproof mattress

Waterproof mattress protectors are placed around a conventional mattress and are either elasticated or zipped closed. When the protector gets soiled, it needs to be removed, cleaned and dried, and a second protector used whilst doing so. Waterproof mattresses don’t have this problem. They, unlike conventional mattresses, are waterproof to begin. So there is no wrestling with changing protectors, extra laundry and are quick and easy to clean up.

A waterproof mattress protector doesn’t always make for a good night’s sleep. Adults with special needs and children need to be comfortable in order to get the rest they need. Mattress protectors can be uncomfortable and noisy and reduce the quality of sleep. While a mattress with built in protection can be soft and restful –  very much like a standard mattress. Since the mattress itself is waterproof, there is no need to impose a slippery, noisy plastic or vinyl barrier between the sleeper and the mattress. Also, mattress protectors offer no protection against other causes of poor sleeping habits and restlessness. In fact, mattress protectors can actually exacerbate restlessness as they can reduce the comfort level of any mattress.

Waterproof mattresses offer other advantages. Aside from there being no plastic protector to remove, with almost as much difficulty as putting it on, waterproof mattresses can be made non-allergenic and treated to repel dust mites and be anti-bacterial.

While a slip over mattress protector can keep out urine, it can be difficult to keep clean and odour free over a long period of time. Plus, more than one mattress protector is required, as they have to be changed out when accidents happen. The soiled protector must then be cleaned and dried.

Waterproof mattresses are a much more hygienic form of protection that makes cleanup easy, as they do not absorb moisture or odours like conventional mattresses. They are as waterproof – if not more so – than a standard protector, without all the hassle. This greatly improves comfort while eliminating noise and slipperiness while staying at a nice room temperature, unlike the often too hot or too cold mattress protectors. All in all, waterproof mattresses are the better alternative and Bedguard is the best of the best.

BedGuard waterproof mattresses are the best in the industry. The exclusive BedGuard treatment bonds and encapsulates all quilting and needlepoint entry points, making our mattresses completely impenetrable to liquids solids and odours.

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