Sleeping tips for the elderly

As We Get Older

Sleeping well is essential to your physical health, emotional well-being no matter what your age. Concentration and memory can be improved by a good night’s sleep. For seniors a good night’s sleep is especially important as it allows your body to repair any cell damage, and refreshes your immune system, which helps to prevent disease.

Seniors that don’t sleep well can suffer from depression, excessive daytime sleepiness, attention and memory problems. Insufficient sleep in senior years can lead to serious health problems such as night-time falls and increased sensitivity to pain.

A sensitive subject such as elderly incontinence effects sufferer and carer’s alike leading to shame and loss of dignity and self esteem. Incontinence doesn’t discriminate suffers are all ages yet the majority are over the age of sixty. It is important to deal with any accidents as soon as possible as it can be very uncomfortable and lead to unpleasant smells.

Your Solution is a BedGuard mattress which offers all seniors, the elderly, those in care and family members the healthiest and most sanitary mattress which ensures unsurpassed comfort for a perfect night’s sleep. BedGuard offers unrivalled peace of mind and dignity to all.

Guardian Opulence Range

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Things to Consider When Selecting Your Guardian Opulence Mattress

Amazing statistics state that a person can move 30 to 70 times per night. If you sleep light and with a partner, a queen or king size bed to would be recommended to accommodate each of you comfortably.

Sleep Deprivation.

Seniors generally suffer sleep deprivation due to daytime sleeping. Here are some helpful tips:

The Environment.

Ensure your bedroom is cool dark, and clean. Block out blinds and fresh crisp sheets help a good nights sleep.

Preparation of the mind and body.

Stretching and light Yoga prior to retiring followed by a hot bath will improve circulation and make you feel relaxed and sleepy.Reading, listening to music will help the zzzzzzz on.

Introduce evening walks.

Fresh air and sunlight is what our bodies crave, so adding an afternoon evening walk helps us sleep more soundly at night.


Your doctor can advise of sleep related side effects of medications. Some medications can help you get to sleep, but often cause light or disrupted sleep, and can cause early awakening.

Quality time in bed.

Staying in bed too long or being  pressured by your partner to go to bed too early can cause disturbed sleep.Factors such as Stress, depression, or even boredom can impact on quaility sleep.

Mentally active.

Keep your mind ticking over and chances are you will be menally alert during the day and be craving restful sleep at night.


Try for no longer than 20 minute daytime naps. A good technique is to find a not too comfortable spot to have a power nap, that is totally dark and free of noise. The power nap will revive you without feeling drowsy.


Limit beverages containing caffeine after 2pm. Items such as coffee, tea, soft drinks and chocolate may make it harder to stay asleep.