Special Needs Mattresses and Mattress Protectors

Our Australian made special needs mattresses are a mattress protector and mattress all rolled into one. Caring for your loved ones includes assuring they have a good sleep routine.Living with Down Syndrome

Children and adults with special needs sometimes have issues with sleeping and like the rest of us, this can affect their mood and well-being during the day. With lots of activities and challenges to tackle each day, a good sleep is important, on a comfortable, supportive waterproof mattress with a reliable inbuilt mattress protector. Kids with special needs commonly experience bed time and sleep as something hard, with difficulty falling asleep, difficulty staying asleep or respiratory issues while sleeping. BedGuard mattresses offer a real solution.

Protect Your Special Loved One's Mattress

Things that can cause sleep problems for people with special needs may encompass one or more elements and can be more prominent because of heightened sensitivities. Quite often these include:Child with disability

  • Allergies – Some children have food allergies that cause sleep interruption. Some symptoms include itching, limb soreness, incontinence and distructive behaviour. BedGuard mattresses' unique dual mattress protection system means your mattress is fully protected against bedbugs, dust mites and allergy causing elements commonly found in other mattresses.

  • Temperature – Sleeping in a room that is too cold or too hot can cause anyone’s sleep to be disturbed. Maintaining a comfortable sleeping temperature can be a big help.

  • Noise – Due to their sensitivity, ordinary noises may make it hard for your child to sleep. Providing the most comfortable, dry, supportive bedding will aid their ability to relax and sleep peacefully.

The Ideal Mattress For Complex Needs

Sometimes it’s hard to find out excatly what the problem is. Correcting bad sleep may involve an all-encompassing solution, as it may be impossible to find a single cause. The idea behind our range of mattresses impressive features and benefits is complete protection. Taking the worry out that something has been missed in providing the best mattress protection for your special needs. Because our affordable Australian mattresses are made specifically for health, comfort, safety and well-being, they are accident and water proof, designed for the toughest of circumstances and complex needs. BedGuard have considerable experience and success in creating special needs mattress solutions. Our all Australian made mattresses offer these exclusive further benefits:

  • No rustling sound as with vinyl/plastic mattress protectors. Our BedGuard Damask quilting is soft to the touch and quiet to the ear

  • No plastic liner/protector to remove, pick at or sleep under. The BedGuard protection is incorporated into construction; nothing to remove, mantain or wash

  • Non-allergenic, Healthguard™ is anti-dustmite and anti-bacterial for all-round protection. Your BedGuard mattress is also flame retardant

  • Heavy duty spring blanket to deaden spring noise. Your BedGuard mattress is constructed using superior materials

  • Not hot or cold to touch as vinyl/plastic mattress protectors. Your BedGuard mattress can be used in conjunction with nappies or nothing at all.