Wondering what white noise is and how it can help you sleep? Read on for the details.

white noise for sleep

What is white noise?

Quite simply, white noise is sounds of varying frequencies played together at the same intensity level. It can be similar to the sound of a fan humming in the background, an air conditioner, or a radio that’s tuned to an unused frequency. Because it is played at the same intensity across all sound ranges, it is quite monotonous.

Depending upon the intensity and frequency range, noise can also be divided into other noise colours, such as pink, brown, blue and violet.

How it works

There are several theories as to why white noise works.

One explanation is that the less sensitive your ears become with the louder the environment. For example, a dripping tap is likely to be more annoying if you’re in a completely silent room than it would be if you were in a room with other sounds. White noise raises your sensitivity threshold again, so you don’t hear the drip of the tap.

Another theory is that the monotony of the white noise helps your brain ignore high-pitched or other unpleasant sounds, making it easier for you to switch off.

How does white noise help with sleep?

One of the main benefits is that it can effectively mask other sounds, making it easier for people who live in loud neighbourhoods or environments to sleep better.

It can also be helpful in building a nightly bedtime routine, which is an important factor in achieving quality sleep.

Research has also shown that white noise:

  • can reduce the time it gets to sleep by 40% for patients in hospital (environments which can be quite loud)
  • can help babies and young children fall asleep more quickly
  • is effective in helping children who have attention problems concentrate better.

How to bring it into your bedroom

You can introduce white noise into your nightly bedtime routine through the use of a white noise machine. These devices contain ambient and natural sounds like waves crashing, or forest sounds. Some are programmable which means they will automatically switch off after a certain amount of time, while some will also contain an in-built alarm to help you wake up.

There are also a number of apps that you can download to your electronic device. Some are free of charge while others come with a price tag. Most apps will include:

  • a range of colour noises
  • sounds that resemble appliances such as fans or air-conditioners
  • rain of varying intensities
  • rushing water sounds like rivers
  • beach and ocean sounds

Sleep soundly every night

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