We love Australian made and Australian made mattresses. Now, can we have an Australian made mattress base to go with it? Voilà! And the answer is yes!

Local, good looking and Aussie Aussie Aussie!


Dreaming of a mattress base?

The perfect partner for your BedGuard Aussie made waterproof mattress? Well, it could be that gorgeous hunk at the BBQ the other day – oh, just dreaming, bugger – oh well. Come on, wake up! Just a for a minute 🙂 It is of course . . .

BedGuard’s 100% Aussie made bed base!

Makes sense, doesn’t it? A base made for a mattress. A mattress that fits the base. Mattress base. Base mattress. Both made from the same expert manufacturer. But with the added pluses of being:

  • 100% Australian made
  • Superior quality and comfort, and
  • Durable and affordable

Natural bed base materials & colours

BedGuard mattress bases are all made from natural pine frames. With other great features like twin-cushion internal sheets, and dust cloth underneath the base, the ensemble base also features a micro-fibre/suede finish to the fabric.

But, putting aside all the technical features and benefits for some other time, let’s talk the fun stuff – colours!

Want some sugar with that?

Chocolate, coffee, latte or cream? Sounds delicious? Aha, yes they are BedGuard mattress base colours. And the odd one out, Bone.

This versatile selection of colours has been chosen to suit any décor. Any colour range will couple with one of these mattress bases. And look absolutely yummy!

They come in all sizes too: single, king single, double, queen and king. So, there’s still room for that hunk after all! Now, there’s a reason to stay local and buy smart. Buy Australian and buy quality. Especially when it comes to your health and safety.

A quality, Aussie made bed base and mattress from BedGuard is going to last you longer, be more comfortable and give you more support. Plus, more time to keep dreaming about BBQs! (wink!).

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