What must all superheros do?

The answer comes in triple A:

Job no. 1

Always protect us and keep us safe!

Job no. 2

Always be there when we need help!

Job no. 3

Always look good, even when invisible!

BedGuard mattresses own unique superhero

So, let me introduce our newest mighty, hi-tech, sleek, amazing, good superhero. His job is to serve as in AAA above. His style is silent achiever. 100% Australian, he’s a real mate. He protects and bonds for life.

His superhero costume is so advanced it makes him invisible! And his name is ‘Ups’. Or BedGuard UPS if we’re being formal. But it’s Ups for short, as he likes to be called.

Ups, Ups and Away!
BedGuard’s Invisible Superhero Saves the Day!

BedGuard mattress unique protection system

BedGuard’s UPS, not just an acronym.

So who is this Superhero? And what’s he got to do with my mattress?

Well, ‘UPS’ comes from unique protection system, a name he earned from BedGuard. After he proved himself to be unique. He’s made from the Healthguard™ and BedGuard™ treatments which invisibly bond to the mattress. A dual role, to protect and guard. And all this while staying pristine!

Our Ups lives where no other superhero can. Between us and our BedGuard mattress! Yes, that’s right, our invisible best superhero friend, silently protects us ‘round the clock. Every time we sleep or use our BedGuard mattress. But don’t worry, he won’t get squashed. That’s his number 1 job, remember? To always protect us and keep us safe!

Dual unique protection system

In fact, BedGuard’s UPS (Up’s more formal name) does his AAA job in spades. In a true silent achiever style, BedGuard’s dual unique protection system actually goes the extra mile and:

  • Protects us from fire, damp, liquid, bacteria, dirt, bedbugs and dust mites
  • Makes our BedGuard mattress extremely hygienic, safe and comfortable
  • Exceeds normal standards and testing methods and
  • Provides a better sleep and 24/7 peace-of-mind

Want to know more about Ups, the Superhero? Here’s a bit about how he got to be invisible and famous! The CSIRO even thinks so – no, that’s not another superhero, it’s just an acronym 🙂

You can read more about the features and benefits of BedGuard’s UPS  here . . . Ups, Ups and Away!

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