Sometimes I receive quite unusual product pitches for my blog. Things that make me stop and think for a moment about whether I could write about them without being very cheeky. Sometimes I am offered items that come at the perfect time for us as well. This is one of those items. The lovely ones at BedGuard asked if we’d like to review one of their mattresses. They are quite a young company and were keen to know what some real families think of their products. This is the bit where I confess that two of the single beds at our place have been sporting those el cheapo foam mattresses and while the kids hadn’t complained about them, having lain on them myself I knew they just were not much chop and we needed to do something about it.

I had a knock on the dBedguard Mattress deliveryoor at 7.30 one morning and likely scared the wits out of the delivery guy with my pyjama clad bed hair ways as he brought in our new mattress. Immediately the boys decided it was for trampolining in the lounge room. Cheeky buggers. They were disappointed to realise that in fact it would be going straight on the Big Girl’s bed frame.She’s been sleeping on it for a week or so now. She is a sensitive soul my daughter, and prone to nightmares fairly regularly. I’m now wondering if her dodgy old mattress wasn’t contributing to her restlessness a bit as she’s not had one since the BedGuard mattress arrived and she is waking more refreshed as well. She is NOT a morning person so whether it is related or not, I am loving a little less snark from her in the mornings!

She tells me she is much more comfortable and that’s really the most important thing for me. If I’m not allowed to sleep then someone should be! Ironically she was the worst sleeper of them all as a baby, and only slept through the night consistently once she had started school. You can imagine how happy it makes me that I can count on her being well rested these days! So what makes BedGuard mattresses special? They have a unique protection system that repels liquid, odour, stains and bed bugs giving them a longer life than many mattresses as well as peace of mind for those of us with small people prone to being a bit wet or smelly sometimes. I can also share that for those who sometimes end up sleeping in one of the kids’ beds because your own gets too crowded, they are really really comfortable!

Bedguard mattress reviewIf you are due to upgrade the mattresses at your place I can happily recommend BedGuard, and assure you that after catching me first thing in the morning the delivery crew won’t be at all put off by your bedroom attire either. You can also find BedGuard on Facebook and YouTube, and as a special offer just for Kate Says Stuff readers they are offering $30 off per mattress you order. Please email me for details on how to take up this offer.
Sweet dreams!

Disclosure: We received a BedGuard mattress for the purpose of this review. No payment was offered or accepted and all opinions are my own. And while I can’t guarantee that a BedGuard mattress will solve all the sleep issues at your place I can assure you that the mattresses come with a 5 year guarantee, so that’s a bit ace.

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