Ever wondered what mattress ticking is?

Rest assured, mattress ticking does not refer to a mattress with ticks! Ticking basically means covering, and refers to the material used to cover mattresses, or upholstered furniture. So, mattress ticking is the fabric that covers the mattress, and keeps the mattress from falling apart. Mattress ticking is part of the bed or mattress manufacturing process.

There are different types of mattress ticking. The quality refers not just to the material used, but also the quality of its production. That is, how it’s woven, stitched, knitted, or bonded. Apart from holding your mattress inners together, good quality mattress ticking provides many benefits:

Mattress ticking has a long history. Some of us are familiar with the old striped mattress covering, now fashionable in retro upholstery. Think of the old classic blue or black and white striped mattress. That was standard. Common mattress ticking made of cotton, which held in the inner mattress layers. But now, in modern mattress making, we have many more choices, including damask.

What is damask mattress ticking?

First of all, what is damask? If that’s a mysterious and strangely familiar sounding word, well, your instinct is correct. The origins of damask are as ancient and exotic as the art of tapestry. Damasks (there are different types) take their name from the city of Damascus, in the early Middle Ages.

Damask is produced by a form of weaving called warp and weft weaving. Basically, the warp goes lengthwise, and the weft goes over-and-under. This is probably easiest to see from the picture here:

The warp and weft of damask mattress ticking


Damask is known for its high quality

Damask weave is used extensively throughout the fashion industry due to its versatility and high-quality finish. But it is also used in bed mattress ticking where quality is important. As you may imagine, there are a variety of damasks in mattress ticking as well. And you could get lost in the technical details.

Best quality damask mattress ticking

Remember too, mattress ticking is one of many important parts of a mattress. There are those that you can’t see too, such as the treatments for making the mattress flame retardant and anti-microbial. The best quality mattress will not only be made well, but will provide all the protection you need. So, the quality of a mattress is a combination of lots of things, including the quality of its ticking. Put together, this, along with its affordability is what to look for in a mattress.

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