Mattress Protection For A Healthy Sleep

Your BedGuard mattress protects against little accidents ensuring uninterrupted sleep.

The Following Tips may be useful to get your loved one to sleep.


Sleep time

Encourage your child to go to bed and wake-up roughly at the the same time everyday. School nights and weekends should vary no more than 1 hour.

Bedtime schedule

Try to have a 20- to 30-minute bedtime routine every night. Include calm activities, like reading a book or talking about the day. The routine should  start in say the playroom without distractions and finish in your child’s bedroom, preferably in bed.


Apart from having a BedGuard mattress your child’s bedroom should be quiet, and dark. A nightlight is fine, but can cause interruption as children become use to a completely dark room. Children sleep best in a room that is cool (less than 21°C). Your child’s bedroom is for sleep. Time out or other punishment should be reduced so your child to thinks of the bedroom as a good place, not a bad one.


 Avoid heavy meals within an hour or two of bedtime as this may interfere with sleep. Your child should not go to bed hungry, so a light snack of milk or a small non-sugary treat before bed is a good idea.


Consumption of caffeine type soft drink, coffee, iced tea, and chocolate should avoided for at least 3 to 4 hours before bedtime routine.

Pre-bed activities

The hour before bed should be a quiet time. Your child should not get involved in high-energy activities, such as rough play or playing outside, or stimulating activities, such as computer games.


No television in your child’s bedroom. Children can easily develop the bad habit of “needing” the television to fall asleep. It is almost impossible to control your child’s television viewing if its in the bedroom.

Napssleep tips for children

Naps should be geared around exercise and your child’s age. Very long naps or too many naps should be avoided, as too much daytime sleep can result in your child sleeping less at night.


 Exercise exercise and more exercise helps your child grow, be healthy and sleep like a top.

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