Mattress Density and Foam Rubber

Let’s avoid technical bamboozling. Mattress density means how tightly the stuff that makes up your mattress is compacted. So, mattress density is the density of the mattress matter. This is not the same as the ‘hardness’, although they are related.

Density simply refers to the quantity of material occupying a space. For example, think of a bunch of newspapers standing in a pile. Now think of them all squashed down together. The same amount of papers, now take up less space. They’ve been compacted. So, the squashed papers have a higher density.

With a mattress, it’s the same principle. Translate newspapers to the materials that make up your mattress. For example, foam.

High-density foam rubber comfort

Foam mattress density

High-density foam mattresses provide more comfort, and for longer because they are more dense than traditional foam mattresses. A high-density foam mattress uses more compact newspapers, no, — foam! Just checking ? The foam is packed together tightly into ‘cells’ which form a structure.

Getting a bit sciency?

Well, it’s a bit like honeycomb cells, if you can imagine that.

Yum . . . Wait, hang on! Don’t rush off to the honey jar! We’ve gotta talk rubber. And I don’t mean burning rubber get to the pantry! Now focus little bears . . . the sweetener’s still coming.

Foam rubber, foam rubber, foam rubber

Hopefully that worked? Ok, good. . .  So, foam rubber, what’s that all about? Well, foam rubber is a mattress material made from latex, which is natural (like honey!) and comes from rubber trees. It ends up being called foam rubber after a process that involves ‘foaming’ and some other things like heating, whipping and pouring into moulds.

Foam rubber comfort support layer

Mattresss made by BedGuard use high-density latex foam rubber That’s two ticks ? ?. The quality materials and manufacturing process used by BedGuard provide the best foam rubber comfort support layer for mattresses. These high-density foam mattresses:

  • Last longer and are more durable
  • Eliminate mattress sagging and;
  • Are more comfortable because they’re better made

For more about the foam rubber comfort support layer and mattress density, rush to the honeycomb – ha, ha! – no, check out this (slightly) sciency video: Whats inside a Mattress – High density Foam

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