Oh BedGuard..how do I love thee, let me count the ways.

Finding the perfect mattress for your little one

I remember vividly when Miss C moved to her big girl a couple of years ago. Picture a happy toddler one day in her cot, to literally the next day screaming and jumping up and down to get out of it. It was pretty obvious she was ready! I also remember searching arduously for her big girl mattress. I remember going to the bed shops and looking at what was on offer and how the mattresses varied in price, quality and how each sales person said that their mattress was the best. I believe in buying good quality mattresses because little ones spend a lot of time on them sleeping. Their growing little bodies should be supported properly and of course it should be comfortable. But boy!, can shopping for the right mattress be hard!Bedguard mattress repels liquid

For the last couple of months Sparky and I have been talking about how Miss S is now ready to move to her big girl bed. I dreaded the thought I having to find another mattress and had been putting the search off. I swear someone up there must have heard about the dreaded search because within in a week I received an email from the amazing team at BedGuard and I discovered a mattress that I wish I had know about years ago!


BedGuard mattresses are wholly Australian made and BedGuard are also 100% Australian owned. Fantastic right? but it just keeps getting better…..check out the mattresses! All BedGuard mattresses repel liquid – This is the most outstanding feature to me and it really, really works! I had to test it out and check out the picture below….

waterproof mattress repels liquid


Miss S drinks her bottle before she goes to bed, so keeping liquid from soaking into the mattress is high on my want list. The liquid just beads. I poured water from her bottle over the mattress and you can see the results for yourself. I just soaked it up with some paper towel and like magic it was gone! The best bit was, there was no moisture left on the top at all, AT ALL! Amazing! Usually I use a mattress protector too, but you not longer need one with a BedGuard mattress. However in saying that, I will still use a quick removable Brolly Sheet for on top of the sheets during toilet training, as I don’t want to be changing all the sheets in the middle of the night!

Repels Odour & Repels Stains – Since the mattress doesn’t absorb liquid of any kind the mattress won’t smell, so be it milk, water, urine or sweat the mattress has been designed to stay fresh and this to means the mattress won’t stain as the liquid can’t soak in

Repels Bed Bugs – As it doesn’t adsorb liquid and liquid can’t penetrate to the inner of the mattress there is no place for the little creatures to grow!

Fire Retardant

are Healthguard™ protected providing an anti-bacterial and anti-dustmite sleeping environment and are non-toxic, double-sided and protected on both side (so I don’t have to remember which side I should use), filled with above industry standard foam density and high quality inner springs ensuring a comfortable night sleep. Lastly they are expected to last 10 years! That is so scary to think of Miss S as a 12-year-old and how old I will be! plus they have a 5 year guarantee. You can even check out how the mattress are made. I think it is an impressive video! It is a WOW of a mattress and Miss S has been giving it the ultimate test for the last couple of weeks and it has the seal of sleep approval. She has had a restful nights sleep every night. Wish I could say that for Miss C!


So it is obvious I love our BedGuard mattress and with the prices being so competitive (plus it is delivered to my door!!) and packed with so many features, I know I will be definitely returning to buy another as soon as we need it. I can hear the Guardian Opulence in King size calling my name…….zzzzzzzz If you are looking for a mattress for your little one, definitely check out BedGuard. I am impressed and I am sure you won’t be disappointed. There are even more reviews and testimonials on the website of how much people love them. Plus BedGuard are giving Divine Finds readers $30 off any mattress! If you are looking to buy, just send me a quick email via the contact tab above and I will give you the code to save!You can find more out about BedGuard by visiting the BedGuard website, www.bedguard.com.au. You can also stay up to date and support an Australian small business by liking BedGuard on Facebook and finding their helpful videos on YouTube.

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post and no monetary compensation was provided nor offered. A complimentary BedGuard Mattress was provided for review and all views, opinions, impressions of how much I loved the mattress are my own, based on my personal experience with the review item.

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