Doona Protector by BedGuard


stain resistant
odour resistant
dust mite resistant


The BedGuard waterproof doona protector is safe, practical and easy to use.

Simply place your doona inside the BedGuard doona protector, and then fit your normal doona cover over the top.

BedGuard waterproof blanket protectors stop liquid and solid borne allergens from entering your doona. Urine, faeces, vomit and other bodily fluids or liquid are no match for BedGuard – BedGuard repels them again and again without maintenance.

BedGuard has been tested by the CSIRO (Report Number 14-0317) and obtained a Surface Support Water Solution No 6-Water Repellency AATCC TM 118-2007 Excellent resistance to water penetration of the surface.

After spills, simply blot the material with a paper towel. Please note: while your doona protector may feel cold to touch for a short while, it will return to the surrounding ambient temperature quickly.

Your BedGuard waterproof blanket cover can be washed separately on the quickest normal washing settings, and also tumble dried on the quickest dryer settings. It is unlikely your waterproof doona protector will need washing under normal circumstances, however, if you choose to do so, it is recommended that the BedGuard waterproof doona protector is only washed/tumble dried once every six months.

The BedGuard waterproof doona can be used in conjunction with a BedGuard peace of mind mattress and pillow protector for minimal washing of bedding.

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Single, King Single, Double, Queen, King



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