Soft, medium or hard? Which is ‘just right’? No, we’re not talking about boiled eggs or brands of cereal. We’re talking about beds. Well, mattresses actually, and mattress comfort to be precise. These are the terms used to describe mattress comfort.

The ‘hardness’ or firmness of mattresses range from soft to firm. The softness, medium(ness) or firmness of our mattress is used as a guide to help us choose the right mattress for our body impression and sleeping style.

Mattress comfort, firmness and support

Do these terms confuse you? Mattress comfort is not the same as mattress support, although they’re both very important. Think of a house, for example. A house has supports under it but on top of that is the floor. And on top of that is whatever our feet land on. These provide our comfort. Whether it’s carpet with underlay, a shaggy rug or a bouncy floor. All need good support and comfort layers.

It’s similar with mattresses. There are parts that are built in to support our bodies. Then, there are parts on top, specifically designed and built for our body comfort. This includes the foam comfort layer. The quality of the ticking or quilting also plays a big part. Altogether, mattress comfort can be designed with a soft, medium or firm tension. This allows a choice in selecting the best mattress comfort level for our needs.

BedGuard mattresses use the highest quality support and comfort layers, in the three main parts that make up our mattresses:

  1. The inner springs
  2. The foam comfort layer; and
  3. The ticking or quilting
Remember, a mattress needs good support as well as mattress comfort

Soft, medium and firm. Mattress comfort for all.

Soft, medium, or firm mattress comfort

Soft mattress, firm mattress, medium mattress. What’s the difference? So, first let’s get rid of the word ‘hard’ now that we’re talking about mattress comfort. A hard mattress doesn’t sound comfortable any way you say it, but a firm mattress, for some of us, actually is. Some of us sleep better with a firm mattress, some with a soft, and some prefer a medium mattress.

How to choose

Which one is best, depends on our body profile, and the way we sleep. Some of us, for example sleep on our back, where a medium mattress may be best. Others sleep sideways where a soft mattress may be more comfortable. Some of us are heavy, some light. Babies and adults, and teenagers are all different too of course.

Really, the best way to select the right mattress, is to speak to an expert and try one out. It’s worth the enquiry as once you have the ’glove that fits’, you’ll sleep better for years to come.

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