Doesn’t getting into bed feel so good at the end of a busy day? Nearly everyone can relate to that. But for some, getting into bed – never mind sleeping – can be hard. And just how hard depends on the person’s individual needs.

Ever felt anxious, hyperactive, over-tired, excited or simply too awake for bed? When we’re going a million-miles-an-hour, it’s pretty hard to stop. For special needs people, however, this can be a regular daily challenge. With extra heightened sensitivities. It’s no one’s fault, it’s a common thing. With for example, autism and Aspergesrs, repetitive bouncing on their bed may be routine. So, setting up a supportive environment will help. It’ll also bring more peace-of-mind.

It’s so important to get a bed that’s comfortable and safe.

special needs beds

Hard to stop when you’re going a million-miles-an-hour!


Getting ready for sleep

Many of us find we need certain things in place before we can settle down to go to sleep. But for people with special needs this may require extra planning and care. Children with autism, for example, can have difficulty sleeping. And getting ready for bed may be more involved.

Kids just wanna have fun (thanks Cyndi Lauper, it’s ditto for boys 🙂 but over-activity on the bed can cause accidents.

Kids beds are commonly light weight. For special needs kids this can cause harm. It’s so important to get a bed that’s safe and comfortable.


Special needs mattress solutions

A double-sided, comfortable waterproof bed is the go. BedGuard’s range of mattresses are designed for this, making them perfect for special needs beds. In fact, BedGuard mattresses are NDIS reviewed and approved, providing multiple benefits that give you extra peace-of-mind:

  • The effect of spills and soiling is minimised
  • The mattress safety and health is maximised and
  • Durability and comfort is not compromised

Like our home, our bed is familiar and gives us comfort. It’s a sanctuary for mind, body and soul. And gives us a sense of warmth and safety. Good sleep and rest is something we all need, not least our special kids.

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