My little miss 2 (almost 3) was super excited to receive the new mattress for her new big girl bed. The BedGuard service was absolutely spot on. After being informed of the (very prompt) delivery time of my new mattress, I received a missed call and message from the delivery driver. I quickly rang back and was greeted by a friendly voice assuring me that the call was just a courtesy and that the mattress had been delivered as arranged. The mattress itself was comfortable, light (I was able to lift it and move it myself – an important quality for a single mum).

Up until tonight there had been no opportunity to test the “guard” quality of the mattress – I was loathe to deliberately put our lovely new mattress to the test. However miss 2 obliged this evening when she decided to share her cup of milk with her baby doll who was lying on her bed. Leaving her milk tipped upside down next to baby doll was the the method she chose. Upon discovering milk everywhere I whipped off the sheet and mopped the milk with tissues (no paper towel handy). As promised the mattress repelled the liquid and it left no sour milk smell. I have nothing but praise for my experience of this product and company.

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