Quality Australian Waterproof Bedding For A Good Night’s Sleep

Seniors waterproof mattress bannerNo matter what your age, sleeping well is essential for physical health and emotional well-being but for seniors and the elderly, a proper night’s sleep on a good quality comfortable waterproof mattress is very sensible. Not sleeping well can cause a bad cycle of effects and some potentially serious health issues for older people, including depression and listlessness,excessive daytime sleepiness, increased sensitivity to pain, attention and memory problems and even night-time falls.

A High Quality Waterproof Mattress For A High Quality Sleep

In contrast, sleeping well on a high quality waterproof mattress has a huge positive impact in the quality of life in senior years. The BedGuard range of fully encased mattresses for older people can help:

  • Regulate your sleeping pattern
  • Improve memory and concentration
  • Repair cell damage and
  • Refresh your immune system which
  • Helps prevent disease

However, such a simple thing for some can be difficult for others to achieve, including the elderly with common problems such as night pains or incontinence. There are a number of simple ways to help the elderly get a better night’s sleep. Following are some great tips to start.

The Best Mattress Protection For The Elderly

Incontinence And Incontinence Mattresses In Australia

Incontinence doesn’t discriminate amongst types of sufferers and although incontinence sufferers can effect people of any age, the majority of Australian’s with incontinence issues are over the age of sixty. Dealing with adult incontinence requires a sensitive but practical approach. Understandably a delicate topic for many, some of the effects commonly felt by senior or elderly sufferers of faecal or urinary incontinence include:

  • Feeling ashamed and embarrassed
  • Feeling needy and useless
  • A loss of dignity and self esteem
  • Physical, emotional and mental discomfort
  • Health complications resulting from hygiene issues

Things To Consider When Selecting Your Waterproof Mattress

Health, comfort and dignity are majorly important in older years and a high quality, reliable waterproof mattress can make life so much easier and more comfortable. When looking at incontinence mattresses, mattress protection or waterproof bedding options in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney and all capital cities in Australia, Bedguard waterproof mattresses offer the perfect solution. Our extensive range of sealed mattresses are made specifically for Australian requirements and conditions, including the Guardian Opulence Range range of affordable, high quality waterproof mattresses especially catering to the needs of our older population including:

  • Independent seniors
  • People in care and
  • At home family members

The Bedguard Guardian Opulence Range

Identifying a need for an Australian made waterproof mattress with the best mattress protection available for our Seniors and elderly, BedGuard created the Guardian Opulance Range to provide unrivalled peace of mind and dignity.

The premium construction and foams incorporated within the BedGuard treatment provide discreet protection with an effective solution. The double sided pillowtop is extremely comfortable and protected, making this a peace-of-mind mattress solution for the elderly unsurpassed in value and quality.

Also consider that if you sleep light and with a partner, a queen or king size mattress would be recommended to accommodate each of you comfortably.

More Tips For Better Sleeping For Seniors

Active Days For Restful Nights

seniorsCreating the right balance between daytime activities and nighttime rest is the key to improving the quality of sleep for people in their senior years. Along with the right mattress and regular restful sleep, as an elderly person, active days also help with sleeping at night, and vice-versa. Seniors often suffer sleep deprivation due to daytime sleeping. To get into a better habit for sleeping better at night, here are some more helpful tips:

  • Keep mentally actively- Keep your mind ticking over and chances are you will be mentally alert during the day and be craving restful sleep at night.
  • Control napping – limit day naps to under 20 minutes but don’t get into bed! A not too comfortable, dark, quiet place for a power nap will revive you without feeling drowsy when you get up again.
  • Create the right environment – Ensure your bedroom is cool dark, and clean. Blockout blinds and fresh crisp sheets help a good nights sleep.
  • Mind and body preparation – Stretching and light yoga prior to retiring followed by a hot bath will improve circulation and make you feel relaxed and sleepy. Reading or listening to music can also help get to sleep.
  • Introduce evening walks – Fresh air and sunlight is what our bodies crave, so adding an afternoon evening walk helps us sleep more soundly at night.
  • Be wise with medications  – Some medications can help you get to sleep, but often cause light or disrupted sleep, and can cause early awakening. Get advice from your doctor.
  • Restrict caffeine – Limit beverages containing caffeine. Items such as coffee, tea, soft drinks and chocolate may make it harder to stay asleep. And finally..
  • Make bedtime quality time – Staying in bed too long or going to bed too early can cause disturbed sleep. Go to bed at a regular time to get unto a good habit of sleeping well.

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