Two-sided or double-sided mattresses have distinct advantages over one-sided mattresses. But are less common than they used to be. So let’s take a look at why double-sided mattresses are a great (and probably the only) example of when being two-faced is actually a good thing.

It’s all about making a good impression, having the ability to adapt, and aiming for the long-term. Huh? What? you say . . .  is this a job interview or a blog about a mattress? Aha!! Well, both, really. Imagine a mattress being interviewed for the job. Now, one job role of a good mattress is its ability to adapt to our body. That is, our body’s unique shape and weight which leaves a unique impression. It’s the mattress’s job to support us and it’s meant to conform to our body.

Ah, getting there. Now what about the long-term?

One-sided versus two-sided mattresses

Ok, so this is where two-sided mattresses come in.

A two-sided mattress will support a unique body impression, twice.

In this modern era of mattress manufacturing, double-sided mattresses have become less available. Why? In a nutshell, because single-sided mattresses are generally cheaper to make. But is this good for us? Not really. For one reason, one-sided mattresses can’t be flipped over so don’t last as long. That’s a big difference when compared to double-sided mattresses.

A one-sided mattress only has one ‘up’ or sleeping side so has to stay on the bed one way up. A two-sided mattress has two sleeping sides. The bottom and top can be the ‘up’ or sleeping side.


Double-sided mattresses – when being two-faced is actually a good thing.

Benefits of double-sided mattresses

Remember that one of the mattress’s jobs is to conform to our unique body impression. Also remember that we spend up to a whopping third of our lives sleeping! That’s a lot of making a particular impression. We may also change beds at some stage. For example, when one of the kids outgrows their bed, and the next one in line inherits it. Or we invest in a better bed for a more comfortable sleep. A double-sided mattress can start a new life with a new family member.

So if we take advantage of their turn-ability, double-sided mattresses can:

  • Extend the life of the mattress
  • Have a second new life/body impression

All BedGuard waterproof mattresses are double-sided which provide extra benefits:

Made for the long-term, BedGuard deliver the best quality double-sided mattresses in Australia.

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