Everyone deserves a dry bed.

What do you think of when you think ‘waterproof mattress’?

A plasticky, crinkly, yucky mattress cover on top of your actual mattress? Well, that was then . . . in the bad ‘ol days when a waterproof mattress meant uncomfortable, embarrassing and a problem to hide. You couldn’t even see the mattress because of all the plastic on top! Cringe. That was not a real waterproof mattress, that was a cover up.

Unless your mattress is truly waterproof, it’s a cesspit of unwanted life!

Mattresses are notoriously vulnerable to liquids and stains, yucky smells and disgusting odours, body fluids, skin, blood, germs and yes, they don’t escape poopy accidents either. If that’s not enough to make you sick, try sleeping in it! Then there are all those horrible things we can’t even see like sneaky bad bacteria, live growing fungus and those scary little creatures and dust mites that look like monsters close up. All this revolting stuff loves a damp or moist mattress and lives to breed in it and make you sick.

Is this your life? A constant mess?

What a pain. With standard mattresses, every time there’s a spill or a bit of wee, you have to strip down the bed, change the bedding, put it in the wash, clean the mess, find fresh sheets, put the lights on and deal with the commotion because everyone in the house woke up, clean the mattress, calm the poor soul who made the mess and, because you’re awake now, you stay up in case it happens again!

No matter what time of the day or night. It’s constant washing, changing, cleaning, and more cleaning, then checking again just to be sure . . . It never stops! But, you want a clean, dry, hygienic mattress to sleep on. How can you sleep otherwise? It’s not fair on anyone to sleep in a soiled bed.

Rest assured! A real waterproof mattress has arrived!

Imagine a mattress that’s actually waterproof! I don’t mean a plastic mattress topper or waterproof mattress cover. Nope, not a separate waterproof bed sheet or waterproof mattress protector. I mean the actual mattress itself. Enter BedGuard waterproof mattresses! Not only are they really waterproof, BedGuard mattresses are comfy plus. Check ’em out and you won’t go back. Yep, them bad ‘ol days are over! A modern era has arrived. Embarrassing and uncomfortable is out! Your friend BedGuard is in!

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